Ayelet Shaked:

"Just as I don't determine for Obama's ministers, he does not have to determine for us. The United States needs to respect the will of the Israeli people. Settlement building will be one of the basic guidelines of the next government, and just as I don't interfere in America if they build in Florida or California, they don't need to interfere in building in Judea or Samaria."

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This is a tricky one. The US does need to respect the will of the Israeli people. The election result was not the one I wanted and I'm sure it was not the one Obama wanted but it's the one we got and that's democracy, you abide by the will of the electorate. If the allegation that Obama actively tried to muscle in on the election and affect the result is true and proven, he should be impeached and kicked out. He would not abide it in his country and we should not have to accept it in our country.

Ayelet Shaked says that she doesn't interfere in America if they build in Florida or California so Obama should not interfere in building in Judea and Samaria: that is a daft thing to say. She is not comparing apples with apples  -  she's comparing apples with oranges. Judea and Samaria are Disputed Territories. The Native Americans might call California and Florida Occupied or Disputed Territories but I, with respect to the Native Americans, don't think their 'battle' with US Administrations is as current and troublesome as the war between the Palestinians and Israel. I am not belittling the claims nor the rights of the Native Americans, I'm just saying that the battle doesn't seem to be as current and aggressive as that between the Palestinians and Israel. For the sake of this argument, it is fair to say that neither Florida nor California are disputed territories so drawing that parallel is daft. 


Moreover, if we are prepared to have the US support us, help finance our defences and security and stand by us in that joke, the United Nations, if we are prepared to take credit from them, we can't then sulk when they criticise us. If we don't want the criticism, we shouldn't take the money nor should we accept any other support we get from them. I do appreciate that it's a symbiotic relationship, that they support us and, in turn, we are their ally in this rough neighbourhood, but we can't have our cake and eat us. 


The strategic map of the Middle East is changing, new alliances are being formed. Old foes are becoming 'friends' with the US. Remember, Kissinger said that, in geopolitics, there are no such things as friends, only interests and he's right. Where there are friendships, interests trump them. As these new alliances are being forged, we have to grasp the nettle and stay in touch with the changes or we'll be kicked out of the loop.


Bumpy road ahead...

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