I read today an article about female politicians in the US (the title of the piece is sarcastic...the article lists reasons why voters SHOULD vote for a woman...and it seems that the fact that the lady in question is Hillary Clinton is irrelevant, the only relevant thing is that she's a woman)


My view, for what it's worth:

Americans have to vote for the PERSON who they think will be the best President, not for a woman just because she's a woman. 

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I remember six and half years ago, when Obama won his first Presidential election, being thrilled, seeing a black President, thinking how far the US had come but, actually, what the US got was/is a bad President...the fact that he's black is irrelevant. Of course, America could have good black Presidents just as easily as it could have, and has had, good white Presidents...and there have been bad white Presidents and, now, a bad black President. 

If people need evidence that women are 'up to the job', the evidence is out there, plain to see. The US does not need a social experiment to see if a woman could be a good President, nor do the American people need to have a women President just so that they can say "look at us, we've got a women President!" The US, Israel and the world need the best PERSON in the White House. 

Interestingly, after Obama, there could be a backlash which 'hurts' Hillary. 6 years ago, a lot of people voted for Obama because that vote made them feel good, breaking the mold, but look how it has turned out...had it turned out well, a lot of those voters might have voted for Hillary for the same sort of reason, "we voted for a black guy last time, let's vote for a woman now" but as the Obama years have been so dreadful and what the Americans got was just a bad President, a lot of voters will now be thinking that they should vote for a white, middle/upper class male, even if he's NOT the best candidate...timing is everything and whereas 6 years ago, being a woman might have helped Hillary, it might now hurt her.
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