Lucky for me, my passion for Aliyah has not only led to my Aliyah, but to several paths wherein I could help others in their Aliyah. In fact not much gives me a better feeling than when people attribute even the smallest part of their Aliyah to inspiration they received from me either through my book or my articles, or a speaking engagement in one place or another. All pretty standard ways to provide inspiration assuming you have something inspiring to say, which I like to think I do.

But now I have moved into new avenues! Or, I should say, Nefesh B''Nefesh has, and I am lucky enough to be on the creative team that is implementing them. Have you seen the latest video? It was a blast to make and lots of fun to watch (I dare you to watch it just once...) Making the video required a tremendous amount of skill and coordination and includes Olim from all walks of life. With the theme being ''Changing the face of Israel'' the video was actually a collaborative effort with the NU Campaign to promote their latest t-shirt which promotes Nefesh B''Nefesh which promotes, well, Aliyah of course. 

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So how was I involved in this project? How WASN''T I? While hardly the brains behind the project (Renana Levine, Benzi Kluwgant and movie-maker extraordinaire Micah Smith really take the credit) I enjoyed putting my two-cents in from the get-go. And have you seen the shirt? Four of those little Aliyah faces are Ben-Davids. Hey we''re Olim too - heck we were on the first flight. And of course I was happy to volunteer to make a fool of myself and be in the video. What the heck? Is this a fun way to promote Aliyah or what?

Of course I wasn''t expecting the muumuu-esque Canadian t-shirt they stuck on me for the opening scene. And I''m not even from Canada. But oh well. People who agree to be in 2-minute videos can''t expect it to be designed to show them in their best light. But hey, it''s not about me - it''s about the video. And the shirt! So take a look and buy the shirt. (And I dare you to find my picture -or perhaps your own- in the t-shirt!)

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