Trump created a movement to move back to democracy rather than elitism. He became the most recent to spread democracy through populism in of the passing of political power from the traditional elites to ordinary voters based in both political parties. Trump’s national agenda follows Thomas Jefferson, advocating Republican values of America first. Trump’s view of states rights and the federal government is consistent Jefferson’s.  Trump realized that business interests could be symbolic with Republican values in creating jobs. The president's authority derived from the people. When selecting his Cabinet, he chose successful individuals in business whom he wants to make America Great.
The New York Times described symptoms affecting foreign policy this with the quote to the Germans are angry, the Chinese are uneasy, members of NATO are nervous. All these are not a problem for an agenda where the U.S. is putting its plan first. He is trying to create a new world order which will protect a world order. He wants the old world order to unraveled very quickly. You can see it unraveling with Brexit in the UK, the vote in Italy, and Merkel is in trouble in Germany.  Teresa ]May is becoming a better ally to the United States. He is steadfast with Israel.   China has been upset with the break in the One China Policy while we trade with Taiwan, China threatened to block access to the South China Islands and Obama though this was very dangerous. The South China Sea is paramount to the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  in a conference in Asia  shocked the Chinese by saying "What goes on in the South China Sea is of interest to the United States, and it needs general review."  Trump stated that NATO being obsolete was based on their objectives; they were not addressing terrorism     

China views Taiwan which regards as a legal part of China. Taiwan is currently the U.S.'s  9th largest goods trading partner with $67 billion in total. 

The Middle East Policy is the polar opposite of Obama.  The movement of the embassy to Jerusalem will signal this.

So the new world order since the 45th president takes office. Having the new world order for US foreign policy for generations/

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