There are times when one needs to write something even if no facts are available. This is one of those times.

Melania, as you know,  is the wife of our President-Elect, Donald Trump. ( I volunteered and voted for Mr. Trump.) He likes to give the appearance of being a macho kind of guy, the guy in control.

But we all know that the face one shows in public is not always the same as the private relationship. I would not be surprised if Melania is not the delicate, reclusive wife, but is instead a smart, assertive, and influential woman, a woman who has the heart and ear of the next president.

If this is so, we need to ask what are Melania's political views? 

I spent alittle time searching this topic online, and came up with, well, nothing.

Allow me to speculate.

Most people that I know from the former Soviet Union are very conservative, anti-socialist, anti-collectivist. They lived under the lie of socialism and communism and want nothing to do with it. When they see America sliding to the left, they are highly disturbed.

Melania, however, is not from the former USSR but is from Slovenia, which was part of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was closely allied with the USSR, but they never became a part of the USSR. They had their own communist dictator, Tito, but he had a slightly lighter touch than the totalitarians in Moscow.

Slovenia had more freedom than the puppet states in the USSR. It had more contact with the west. But still, it was living under a collectivist dictatorship.

Is it possible that Melania, like those from the former USSR,  also distrusts collectivism and socialism? After all, she did spend the early part of her life under its dictates. Maybe that had an influence on her? If so, will her potential anti-collective attitude rub off on Pres. Trump?

I just don't know. I could try to ask her, but I doubt if I will ever get that chance.

Mrs. Trump may become a new fashion icon, but I suspect that her influence goes beyond the fashion world.


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