First and foremost, I am an Israeli citizen. I know I'm a settler; I know I'm a Jew.  I am an Israeli living in a sovereign state called Israel. I came to Israel to be an Israeli. My children were born in Israel, and they are Israelis. They have no other citizenship. 
Israel is the Jewish State. The citizens of Israel are not only Jews. Not all Jews in Israel are ultra-religious. All citizens are allowed the equal right to worship and celebrate their faith.  The functional de-facto borders of the state of Israel exist from prior to1967. We will negotiate our borders with the sovereign Palestinian government.
In 1948 there were two religious conflicts; conflicts raged between the Hindu and Muslim and between the Jews and Muslims. Now there is one national conflicts. A national conflict exists between India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, the Palestinian State was stillborn. Neither the reason nor the solution regarding the unsuccessful Palestinian state is at our Israeli door. We are still fighting a religious war, but we are a State. Religions made war; states will preserve peace.
As a sovereign state, all our citizens must determine the composition and character of the state. The citizens of Israel are those who believe Israel is the Jewish state. It does not mean they must be practicing Jews nor even of the Jewish religion.  It most certainly means all the citizens of Israeli elect a government which allows every citizen to follow the religion they believe in, and in any way they wish to practice it.
 Anybody who does not feel part of the Israeli state is not an Israeli citizen. They must relinquish their citizenship.
If somebody believes they are Palestinians— they should declare themselves as such.
  They will vote in Palestine. They will be citizens of Palestine. Israel can neither rectify or nor atone Palestine's non-existence. 
 Unfortunately, the Arab Sunna in the Middle East, those living in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq never discovered how to govern themselves. Eventually, the Arab Sunna will find a way to govern themselves.  When this happens, we will negotiate with the official, representative and sovereign Palestinian body. Israel as a sovereign state will dictate, as much as she can, the role and function within the state next to us. Until that time, we cannot settle any issues concerning borders and the population of Palestine.
Together with a sovereign Palestinian body, we will decide, and now is not the time to decide, what will become of the villages and settlements – I live in one such village.
The Armistice agreement with Jordan decided the pre1967 and recognized borders. Like Oslo, it was a disastrous mistake. We suffer the consequences of both, until this day. One consequence is, over 600,000 Sunna Arabs live in the State of Israel. Thy live next to our pre-1967 easterly border. King Abdallah moved the borders eastwards; the residents were included – they were not informed, asked or conquered, with a chance to flee.
  These Sunna Arabs associate and identify themselves demographically, socially, religiously and emotionally with their eastern neighbors, with many of whom they have close family ties. This Sunna Arab population of Israel, by and large, regard itself as Palestinian.  Repeatedly, the Sunna Arab population vote for representatives who will express their Palestinian identity.
They call themselves ‘Palestinian Israelis.' There is no such entity.
They are free to choose their statehood: they are either Israeli or Palestinian. No-one can be both. Other Arabs; Bedouin, Christian, Druze and many more sects, serve in the army, identify with Israel and accept their Israeli citizenship.
The Sunna rump, the large amount of ‘Palestinian ‘collaborators and all the citizens of East Jerusalem do not see themselves as Israeli. Nor should we.

Every non-Jew must serve in the army. Every soldier must swear an oath of allegiance to the Jewish state.
Members of the Palestinian state are those who chose to be members of the Palestinian state. Palestinians must make Palestine a viable entity, living alongside Israel. There are problems. The problems are not ours. Turkey, a sovereign state, decided what its relationship with the Kurds will be without asking them. We could simply tell the Palestinians what to do. Unlike the Turks, we agree there will be a Palestinian state, and we agree to negotiate with it. It is not our fault there is no Palestinian representative body willing to negotiate or accept on itself full and sovereign responsibility. Nevertheless, when the time comes, we will negotiate from strength.
Till that time, we all live in limbo. The limbo is not of our making; nor is it of our desire and nor is it to our benefit.
  There is no price we should pay because the Palestinians neither cannot nor will not define themselves.
One day, a sovereign body will come forward that can talk in the name of Palestine. A body which is willing to accept the responsibility of ruling their state. Until that day, we Israelis must continue to behave as a sovereign state. We must govern those who see Israel as a Jewish Democratic State and wish to be part of that State. Those who belong to the State will vote for those who will govern their state.
Israel will negotiate with Palestine their borders, which will be open. Israeli security will be from the river to the sea. Palestine will not bear arms. These are non-negotiable conditions. Bush and Obama accepted them as such. Even if they did not do so, as a sovereign state, we demand these security precautions. Without them, there will be no Palestine.
Eventually, we will make peace. Within the open borders, together we will redraw our borders. The settlements in proximity to the green line will be in the State of Israel. The Arab towns and villages near the green line will become Palestinian. Jews living in Palestine will be offered the same choices as Arabs living in Israel. Stay as citizens, leave with compensation or be foreign residents.
Until that time, we must do two things. Firstly, we must stop expanding our settlement drive. We are investing in places that will become part of Palestine.
We must remove citizenship from all Arabs who became Israeli citizens after 1947. These citizens include East Jerusalem, Collaborators, and citizens who were part of the Rhodes Armistice Agreement. They will be Palestinians. They can continue to work and live as they do now. However, they will pay taxes to whoever the Palestinians pay taxes. They will vote in Palestine; they will receive Palestinian passports and receive Palestinian health services education and social security benefits. If they do not wish to be Palestinian, they can become Israeli Muslims. They must live in municipalities where the majority declares itself to be Israeli Muslims. They will swear allegiance to the Jewish State, and they will serve in the Defense Force.
  Any other Israeli non-Jew will be given the right to opt-out and become a Palestinian citizen living in Israel as a foreign resident. Every Israeli-Muslims must swear allegiance and serve. 
As a State, we must be a State by and for all our citizens. However, it will be the Jewish State.  Everyone has the right to a full and equal right to live in peace and express his faith and beliefs – including Israeli Muslims.
The time has come for Israel to behave as a state — a state of all its citizens. Conversely, you cannot be a citizen while giving allegiance to another state. Israel is not accountable for Palestinian problems. Israel is not responsible for compensating for the Palestinian inability to accept statehood.
Succinctly; Israeli Muslims can be and will be defined as part of our Jewish State. The Israeli Muslim is a full Israeli. The Israeli Muslim has equal rights and responsibility.
  The Palestinian-Israeli is a non-sequitur. They are Palestinians. They are, by desire, part of Palestine and have a share in the inability to rule and represent themselves.
As a post-Holocaust Israeli, I know what I want and do not want. As a sovereign democratic state, I expect my government to act in accordance. We are a regional superpower. We are a democratic state which will negotiate from strength with an eventual ruling Palestine body. As a sovereign state, we must expect all our citizens to see themselves as Israeli as defined by the clear majority.
We Jews must decide. The Israeli Muslim must decide.
I have decided I am an Israeli citizen.
Now they must decide.


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