Morality– a challenge to Democracy

The outcome of the recent American election has exposed the ugly side of the democracy. This ugliness lies in the fact that in democracy numerical count of the people is paramount and the content of the character of the chosen people remains irreverent.  One can easily argue that the purpose of our long and exhausting election cycle is to choose the best among us. During this cycle, the candidates are scrutinized of their public and private lives mainly by our robust Media. All the sins and the wrongdoings of the candidates are presented before the public, facts are checked promptly and the so called expert analysts interpret the results based upon their affiliation to the candidates.

In this notoriously ugly election cycle, both presidential candidates were declared flawed and evils. However, the lies and the sins of Donald Trump compared with Hillary Clinton’s were astronomical and it was a general consensus among the majority that he was not worthy of the office of the presidency of the USA.  If morality was to play any role, he could not have won the election. Thankfully, he did not win by the popular votes. It was the outdated and the undemocratic Electoral College of the USA that is going to hand over the presidency to Mr. Trump.

Interestingly, the forefathers of the American constitution invented the Electoral College system to make sure that the general masses, often ignorant and erratic, do not choose an unworthy character for the post of the presidency. This was their way of putting checks and balances in our electoral process.  There is no better time than now to cherish the good wishes of our forefathers and infuse some morality into our selection process by asking the electorates to cast their votes for a more balanced and a morally better Hillary Clinton. If they do that, it will be a huge boost to the moral authority of the USA.

The war is brewing in the country for eliminating the Electoral College from our constitution. The liberals, mostly democrats, argue that its time has passed while the conservatives, mostly republicans, consider it a sacred tool to stop an erratic character to assume the Presidency. My dear fellow republicans why not proof the utility of this law and uphold the higher values of our constitution by convincing the electorates to cherish the good intentions of our forefathers.     

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