What is motivating the return of political antisemitism to legitimacy in Europe, and what are the implications for the future of the Jewish people worldwide? Barry Shaw, a member of a member of the Knesset Forum on Israel’s Legitimacy, recently addressed this question in a thoughtful blog on JPost, Correcting the Rise of Political Anti-Semitism. Thoughtful and well worth a larger readership than it attracted (why so little interest in "antisemitism," particularly described as  "political"?) still the article suffers common failures, related to our history as Object of persecution in the Diaspora. Appearing below was my response, one of only two, to Dr. Shaw's article:

While accepting your motives, Mr. Shaw, I feel you misunderstand the focus of your essay, antisemitism, and so misunderstand the appropriate Jewish response: "Today we have a world that for various reasons is anchored in political ideologies, unified around a common theme of opposition to the collective Jew." Yes. But despite your references to its historical appearances in Christendom ("the Spanish and Portuguese Jews... Russian Jews and especially for Jews in the Nazi era") you either misunderstand, or choose to neglect that antisemitism is historically a basic feature of Christianity, of Christian history beginning at the very appearance of that religion as, embedded in its scripture. You correctly describe it "political" and it was codified in the fourth century when Rome incorporated Christianity into its Empire essentially providing the legal instruments to isolate and persecute "the Jews." Clearly, what is under discussion is the Jewish Problem, the same that has preoccupied Europe through the ages and that Germany recently sought to "solve," once and for all.

"Today we have a world that for various reasons is anchored in political ideologies, unified around a common theme of opposition to the collective Jew." Yes. But unless the source of that "opposition" is recognized in its true form then, as for centuries, we Jews will continue down the same familiar and failed understanding that has provided ourselves victim to that which you acknowledge but fail to appreciate: "Jews, through the ages have always looked for acceptance from the people and the nations in which they lived, yet hated or distrusted them."

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"If Europe were truly against the plague of anti-Semitism they would admit to the anti-Semitic characteristics of an Arab-Palestinian cause they avidly support." which is true, so far as it goes. But insufficient since it would first demand that Jews recognize Western "civilization," Christendom itself, as inherently antisemitic. Only through acknowledging the devil behind the mask will the Jewish People, galut and state, adopt what you would aspire to, the survival of our people. 

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