Donald Trump-America’s greatest President or America’s  Most destructive President


The  USA just elected their  45 th president . We have been  hearing that  the world is  about to come to an end. This  obviously will not happen.  There are many potential outcome of the next 4 years ( or eight years).  As a technology  futurist  at  IBM , Bell Communications Research and  Bell Laboratories  , I thought it  would be  interesting  to apply those  methodologies  I have used to forecast new technology   to  how the  USA will look in extremes over  the next   4 years.


Donald Trump – The Greatest  USA President.

President Trump realized it is about the economy. He will be using  his business acumen  to transform the business/government  landscape. Through new tax laws and incentives,  American  business' will  bring back    100’s of billions of dollars  back  to the United States that are squirreled away in foreign  countries. This will   be windfall  for the USA economy. It will allow millions of jobs   to be created to improve the USA infrastructure and  inner cities. Traditional unemployment will drop to 2.5 from 5 percent, but  more importantly the long term unemployment  that is about  10 percent  will be reduced  to 5 percent. 


Global Trade,  a big part of  the  economy,  will not come a screeching  halt as detractors claim . Yes  many of the Global  trading  agreements will be modified to reflect the  needs of the US economy. The world will not  turn it’s back on the  powerful  American economic engine.  Compromises will be cut with  all our trading  partners.


New trading  agreements , infusions of 100’s of billions  of American companies foreign money, infrastructure  and inner city spending   will crank the GDP up  to 4% by 2018 and to 6 % by 2020. The Dow hits 25000 by June of 2020.


On foreign policy  and security story  will be just  as rosy. Donald Trump will learn  from the Israeli government on how  to build a real and virtual  wall to protect the population. 11 million illegal immigrant are not deported, but a million criminals are captured and are deported. New immigration laws are created , no amnesty   but a legal path  to citizenry  is created.

Iranian sanctions  will be  strengthened. Political unrest will grow dramatically in Iran and the US  will provide support to the Iranian population who will  overthrow the current regime.  The Kurds will get their country.  Jerusalem becomes the recognized capital of Israel. Gaza becomes the  semi democratic Palestinian state.  Palestinians living in Israel will become citizens of Israel and prosper tremendously. Russia  and  USA collaborate to destroy ISIS. But USA draws a line with  Russia by strongly supporting NATO  and Russia  back off  threatening the Baltic states.


Donald Trumps gets reelected in 2020.



Donald  Trump – The most destructive President of  the USA.


President  Trump realized it is about the economy.  However American businesses  do not trust the Trump administration and are very reluctant to move their foreign cash  reserves  back to the US.  Conservative Republicans fight the  Trump infrastructure plans and Democrats  see an opportunity  to undercut the new administration blocking  plans  to stimulate the economy through infrastructure spending . The Alt Right gets very  bold .White supremacists and  anti-Semites  come out of the woodwork. Black Churches are burned , swastikas on synagogues and Jewish businesses become common. The Alt  left  energizes  the  college population and  , civil war becomes  a possibility. The Trump administration unsuccessful  tries to quell the unrest from the Alt  Right and Alt Left.


In order to try  to bring   jobs back to America, the Trump administration, decided to take a very strong position on trade. But they over played  their hand . China, India, Mexico , and Canada put up a united front . The administration put on 35 % import  tax on some of their trading partners. Imports and  exports drop 33 percent . Dow goes down to 12000 by 2018. A recession emerges in 2018. Republicans lose the Senate and barely holds onto the Congress.


On the  foreign policy  front, Putin was able to play President   Trump. They work together to  eliminate ISIS. But  Iran and Russia  are able  to save Assad. And Russia continues to cause  havoc in the Baltic  states. Iran continues to support  terrorism in the Sunni states. China also  shows it's muscle in the  South China Sea. Turkey also  flexes it’s muscle  with the Kurds and  openly supports Hamas. Given all the  other economic issues , the Trump  administration turn to isolationism.  Iran ,Hezbollah , Hamas and Fatah  attack Israel .


Donald Trump does not run  for President in 2020.


Two  very different  views. Neither  will  probably occur. But, we should all hope and pray, especially here in Israel  that Donald  Trump  gets as close as possible to become the greatest US President , as the other extreme alternative will set the world back decades.







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