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If you have read some of my articles in the past, you will notice that I repeatedly insisted that the Western Wall is not a Holy site.

In short: I was saying that a wall built by Herod, an Edomite murderer, cannot be Holy.

In addition, I have tried to point out that a site where Jews shout at, curse at and attack one another cannot be a Holy place.

Therefore, I was very interested to watch a video which suggests that the location of BOTH Solomon's and Herod's temples are NOT on the Dome of the rock, but is actually in the "City of David" near the Gihon Spring.

I am not an archaeologist, so I cannot say for certain whether or the not the information presented in the video is correct, but anything that even remotely suggests the rabbis are wrong has my vote....

Please watch these two videos:

The first by a Jew:

The second by a Christian:

For a contrary view, which supports the idea that the Dome of the Rock is indeed the location of the 1st and Second Temples, please watch this video made by a Christian group:

The second Christian video does appear to be more logical than the first Christian video......(i.e. the Gihon Spring may have been the location of a temple, but a Jesubite temple, not Solomon's temple.....), but the Jewish video seems much more conclusive and convincing that the temple was inside the city of David.

Nevertheless, which ever side you choose to believe,  I STILL don't believe that a wall built by Herod is a Holy site

Carrying the argument even further: the people who argue that the temple was located in the City of David base their opinions on the belief that there was a Roman Fortress said to have housed 6,000 soldiers and their support staff....(i.e. a total of 10,000 men).

The shape of a typical Roman fortress resembles the borders now considered to be the temple mount.

Therefore their question then becomes: Forget about the location of the temple for a second; show us where the Roman fortress was located?

How could a place large enough to contain the living quarters for almost 10,000 people, just completely disappear?

So, if you are interested in this aspect of the story, then I would ask that you watch this third video as well made by a Christian group:


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