Argentinean TV host apologizes for Holocaust joke

June 24, 2012 15:23

An Argentinean television show host apologized for making a joke that involved Jewish performers and the Holocaust.

Denise Dumas, who hosts the talent show “Este es el show,” said on June 22 that it was “nice” to see the performers wearing “numbers on their clothes, not on their skin.” Her remark, she said, had been misunderstood and taken out of context.

Several of Dumas’ colleagues in the media criticized her for making the remark.

Inmates of Nazi concentration camps had numbers tattooed onto their arms.

“It’s perverse to think I could refer to the concentration camps like that,” a tearful Dumas said on camera the same day. She said she had made the remark in reference to an earlier act: A young man with hundreds of body piercings. He wore his designated number directly on his skin, the 34-year-old model/actress said.

“I apologize for those who felt offended by this but it’s strange to apologize for something that I had no intention of saying,” she added.

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