Drug-resistant infection found in Tel Aviv

October 19, 2016 23:45

A woman who gave birth to twins at Dana Children’s Hospital at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center was diagnosed on Wednesday with a bacteria that is resistant to drugs considered the last resort for such infections.

The hospital reported that her twins were also infected, along with two babies who were in nearby beds, but none of those infected has developed symptoms. All those infected were put in isolation, and the strictest rules of disinfection are being applied. No other patients were infected.The pathogen is known as Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, “gram-negative” bacteria that are resistant to the carbapenem class of antibiotics. The infection is most dangerous where patient immunity is poorly developed or immature. Ironically, because it is often spread in hospitals, nursing homes and pediatric intensive care units, it is more common in countries where such facilities are widely available, including the United States and Israel.

CRE bacteria that are not caught in time can lead to respiratory, urinary and other infections, and even death.

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