Explosives found in sandbox at Nahariya kindergarten

February 10, 2013 19:55

Explosive materials were found stashed in a sandbox at a kindergarten in Nahariya Sunday morning, Northern District police reported.

A teacher at the kindergarten found the materials in the sand box and called police, who sent a bomb squad unit to the scene.

While police are still investigating who stashed the explosives, they stated Sunday that the materials were to be used for assembling a bomb.

The incident is the third time in the last week that explosives or firearms were found at a school or kindergarten in Israel. Last Tuesday, anti-tank missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, and explosives were found stashed in a school and a kindergarten for special needs children in the Galilee village of Abu Sanaan.

That same day, police carried out a raid at an elementary school in Taybe and found an assault rifle and a pistol stashed underneath the floorboard of a classroom, as well as explosive materials elsewhere in the school.

A little over two weeks ago, a bomb was found ready to be detonated outside a police station in Kfar Yonah, which was also next door to a kindergarten.

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