While the United States President is roaming the world, trying his best to appease and pander to Muslim nations, other American political leaders are warning that fundamentalist Islam is undoubtedly the number one threat to America’s security.

While visiting Indonesia, President Barack Obama tried to excuse Muslim “jihadist” strategies and acts of terror as a simple “misunderstanding.” He then castigated Israel, yet again, for its lawful Jewish settlements in the so-called West Bank. By contrast, former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich told a nationwide TV audience that “extremist Islam” is not only the number one threat to US security but also the number one problem in the Western world.

These Muslims “wake up in the morning with thoughts of killing infidels,” Gingrich reminded. “Our government needs to understand that we need to take their threats seriously.” The former Speaker went on to state that the Muslims are taking advantage of our generous American freedoms, which are based on our Judeo-Christian values. They have no respect for Jews, nor Christians, and their long-term goals are to conquer us, make us convert to Islam, or kill us in the name of Allah.

We American Christians cannot overlook President Obama’s celebration of the Muslim holiday Ramadan in the White House while canceling the traditional annual National Day of Prayer. That’s outrageous! Nor can we easily forget how he told the Muslim nations that the United States is “not a Christian nation.” He has to be totally ignorant, or purposefully blind, to the historical facts of our founding to be able to state such a gross mistruth. And, of course, he keeps trying to tell all of our people that Islam is a peaceful religion. One can understand why this kind of public appeasement from the top breeds chaos and confusion across the country. Just look at controversy sparked by the “Ground Zero Mosque” proposal!

Who is the common person supposed to believe? Muslims? Or the President? We Americans must not forget the 9/11 bombing of the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, or the failed airplane Shoe Bomber, or the also-failed Times Square Bomber. Add to these destructive efforts in America the destruction of two American embassies in Africa and the US military barracks in Lebanon, not to mention the deadly attempt to sink an American warship in the Persian Gulf by blowing a gaping hole in her side (and killing a number of sailors onboard). And don’t forget what the Times Square Bomber - a disciple of the well-funded Al Qaeda in Yemen - clearly let us know: that extremist Muslims have just begun their destructive efforts in America, with much more to come.

Add to all this the ever-increasing path of Muslim destruction in Europe, all in the name of Allah. The bombings of trains and subways in Spain and England plus riots in France and the Netherlands all resulted in political appeasement in the name of tolerance and political correctness. Sadly, France has responded by actually considering allowing some aspects of Sharia law to be practiced by Muslims, and to legally protect these ruthless renegades, while England has decided to remove the study of the Holocaust from their school history classes because it “offends the Muslims.”

Of course, many appeasers want to argue that these murderous Muslims are only a few extremists; and that most Muslims are innocent, moderate citizens who love their children and neighbors and want peace. This may be true. But where is their moral outcry against the acts of terror perpetrated by the extreme elements of their co-religionists? I’ll tell you. It is stifled under the threat of jihad against them - the threat of being killed by their own family members, in many cases. The problem is not Muslims. It is Islam. There may be many peaceful Muslims, but true Islam is anything but peaceful.

How do I, Earl Cox - a Christian writer, broadcaster and commentator - have the authority to make these claims? It’s simple. I don’t. Rather, a large number of courageous former Muslims - past subjects of Islam - do so. Their truth matches 100 percent against the historical facts - and we’d better pay attention. Many of these brave hearts like Walid Shobat and Kamal Saleem (author of the riveting book, Blood of the Lambs: A Former Terrorist’s Memoir of Death and Redemption), were not just Muslims but trained terrorists, bent on jihad - “holy” war - against Jews, Christians and the West. They know the horrifying truth, and tell it at the risk of their own lives.

Mark Gabriel, a former imam (priest) with a dual Ph.D. in Islamic History and Culture, and a former Muslim professor at Al-Ahzier University in Cairo Egypt - the central authority of Islamic history and law - has documented the fact that Islam is not about peace. It’s about world submission to Islamic law, by the sword. Sure, there may be a majority of Muslims who do not want war; but there are hundreds of millions, by all conservative counts, that do.

Islamic and Western opinion polls alike prove that even though there are many Muslims who do not want war, a significant percentage want Israel to be annihilated and Islam to conquer the world. The only apparent difference between the tens of millions of so-called “extremists” and peaceful Muslims is their method of achieving the end goal of their faith - world domination. Even the peaceful followers of Islam at least smile, or even dance in the streets, whenever there is a Muslim attack on Israel or America.

And another factor we and the world should not ignore is what extremist Muslims themselves say, and keep on saying, again and again. They make it clear that their goals are to conquer the world in the name of Allah and to kill infidels whenever and wherever they can. In their own Muslim media and in their mosques, they unceasingly preach hatred for the Jewish people, for Israel and for America. Remember: One of their favorite sayings is that the US is “the Great Satan” and Israel is “the Little Satan.”

All this should make America’s leaders understand that Islam is not a peaceful religion but, rather, a treacherous one - and, when practiced by Americans on our own soil, a treasonous ideology. Isn’t it treason if American Muslims want to destroy our way of life and take over our government? It’s certainly war if outsiders do. Isn’t it war and treason when they want to kill all non-Muslim Americans? After all, they want to kill whoever will not “submit and convert.”

How can our US leaders be so blind and deaf? Secular America would never engage in a religious war. Political correctness would never allow it. Here’s some “tough love” for our elected leaders - some really bad news: A religion is at war with us! At war with Christians and Jews. At war with America and Israel. At war with Europe and the entire, free, democratic world.

The Inspiration Network recently conducted a national survey of its Christian audience to find out what they think are the major problems facing America. number three on the results list was the rise of Islam and the threat of Islamic terrorism. The truth is beginning to get through to America’s Christians, but now it needs to get through to the rest of America - especially to President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration.
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