What do the Democratic and Republican Parties' choices for president of the United States mean for America and for Israel? The answer is: EVERYTHING. We are living in a very volatile world, and America holds a key position in this world of rapid change, hostilities and uncertainties. Hopefully, Americans will vote for the most qualified candidate - not necessarily the best orator - to lead this great nation and support Israel, our best friend in the Middle East. The Arab world is waiting and watching, knowing that our choice for president of the United States will affect Israel's future as it relates to support for Israel. While both candidates seeking the office of president have marginally voiced support for Israel, Barack Obama has distanced himself from support for an undivided Jerusalem. Months ago, speaking at the annual AIPAC convention in Washington, D.C., Obama voiced fervent support for Israel. Two days after that speech, he reversed his position while speaking to another group not so supportive of Israel. Americans know very little about what Barack Obama is actually made of. He's a very junior senator who has yet to prove himself as a leader. His lack of experience in the political arena produces a question mark at the end of his name. Does he really have the necessary tools to lead a superpower like America? The White House is not a place where a person gains leadership experience but, rather, where he or she brings that experience. I have heard it said that Obama has been embraced by the Democratic Party because he has re-energized it. How has he accomplished this? Could it be that he has re-energized the party simply because he knows how to deliver speeches with words beautifully strung together? Let's look back at history for a moment. There have been many people who have succeeded in energizing crowds, but history has proven over and over again that this ability has little to do with true leadership. Is the Republican choice for president of the United States qualified? If experience, moral courage and proven leadership are the main requirements for seeking the highest office in America, then McCain is indeed the most qualified. If America fails to elect a person to the office of president of the United States who possesses proven leadership skills and the ability to make good decisions under pressure, not only will America suffer but Israel, also. May Americans remember when they enter their polling booths in November that they are electing a president - not another "American Idol" pop star. Earl Cox, International Christian Broadcaster, known as 'the voice of Israel to the world.' He is also the founder of Israel Always Previous entries: Israel once again blamed for "Grim Conditions" in Gaza Understanding the Islamic mindset What if there were no Israel? The Land is shared in death, why not in life as well? Some Christians Still Hate Israel Palestinians. The Next Generation Who Founded Israel the U.N. or God? Didn't they used to hang traitors? Who would be the best US President for Israel? How will God handle the present-day Persian Haman? Faith or Consequences Is oil more important than Israel? Fighting Fair - What the Media Doesn't Tell You Israel rejects US report on Iran Has God abandoned Israel? Did someone say 'peace'? No Palestinian State Alternate reality Relations between Israel's Jews and Christians improving Do the Palestinians deserve their own state

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