During King Herod’s reign (37 BCE to 4 CE) and for decades afterwards, Jerusalem expanded greatly to the north. This left the new neighborhoods unprotected, and in 41 CE, soon after becoming king, Herod’s grandson Agrippa began building a wall that would incorporate them into the city. The design called for such a massive structure that after examining the foundations, Agrippa began to worry. What if Roman Emperor Claudius got a look at the wall and thought Agrippa was planning a revolt? Construction on the wall came to a screeching halt just about the time that Agrippa experienced a sudden demise.

If Agrippa had completed the wall, could it really have held off the Romans? Decide for yourself on this Street Stroll, which also features an elegant 19thcentury villa, a striking cathedral, three monuments, a world-renowned pottery workshop and a famous tomb. If you like, you can end your jaunt at my favorite humous joint in Sheikh Jarrah.


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