Gilad: The only principle of cease-fire is 'quiet'

Defense Ministry official says there's no written agreement, Israel committed to nothing, agreement is simple: "Quiet brings quiet."

March 13, 2012 09:38
A car in Gaza damaged by an IAF airstrike [file]

A car in Gaza damaged by an IAF airstrike 311 (R). (photo credit: REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah)

Defense Ministry Diplomatic-Security Bureau head Amos Gilad said the principle of the cease-fire reached with terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip comes down to three words: quiet brings quiet.

Speaking with Army Radio Tuesday morning, hours after the Egyptian-brokered deal came into effect, Gilad denied that Israel committed to refrain from assassinating heads of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

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"There is no written agreement," Gilad said, "Israel has no documents, no negotiations, no contacts with the terrorist organizations."

The only understanding that exists, he reiterated, is quiet.

If Israeli intelligence knows of a terrorist attack being planned, "there will be action to prevent it."

Gilad said that the assassination of Popular Resistance Committees head Zuhair Qaisi in the Gaza Strip last week prevented - in the short term - a repeat of the terror attack near Eilat last summer that killed nine Israelis. Qaisi's killing triggered the latest round of violence in Gaza.

Due to Qaisi's killing, he explained, "this attack will not move forward in the near future."

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