'Mossad warns Turks of Iranian plan to hit Israelis'

Turkish media reports Israel alerted Ankara that Iran Revolutionary Guards seeking to harm diplomats in Turkey.

Turkish soldier on Syrian border 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Turkish soldier on Syrian border 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Mossad has warned Turkey that Israel's diplomatic missions in the country could be in danger of Iranian "bomb attacks," Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Wednesday, citing a story aired on the NTV news channel.
According to the report, the Israeli intelligence agency sent a letter to its Turkish counterpart warning of a plot by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force to attack Israeli targets on Turkish soil.
Four individuals have already entered Turkey from Iran and are in possession of weapons and materials to be used in the attacks, the report added.
According to Hurriyet, Turkish intelligence sources neither confirmed nor denied the NTV report.
The report came after several terror plots against Israeli interests abroad allegedly orchestrated by the Iranians were uncovered last month. On February 13, an Israeli Embassy car was bombed in New Delhi and another bomb was discovered attached to an embassy employee's vehicle in Tbilisi, Georgia. An additional plot was uncovered in Thailand the next day, when several Iranian men were arrested after a bomb went off in a Bangkok house, apparently a "work accident" that occurred during the planning of a terror attack.
While Israel has accused Iran of being behind the terror plots, with the help of its proxy Hezbollah, the Iranians have denied involvement.
A Shi'ite with longstanding Iranian connections was arrested by Indian police on Tuesday for his alleged role in the Dehli bombing.