Soldiers suspended after partying in Palestinian club

Givati infantry brigade soldiers suspended after being caught on video partying in Hebron club with Palestinians.

August 29, 2013 22:31
Screencap of Israeli soldier dancing with Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli soldier dancing with Palestinians in Hebron 370. (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)

The IDF suspended soldiers from the Givati infantry brigade this week after a video surfaced showing them dancing at a Palestinian club in Hebron.

The soldiers were supposed to be carrying out a routine patrol at the time.

The conscripts had heard music emerging from the club, entered, and began dancing with the local young men inside, who were apparently celebrating a wedding.

At one point, one of the soldiers can be seen sitting on the shoulders of a Palestinian man and throwing his hands in the air to the tune of the global dance hit “Gangam Style,” by South Korean artist Psy.

The Palestinian revelers appeared to welcome the soldiers and danced alongside them for several minutes, while exchanging hi-fives with them.

The soldiers were in full patrol gear, with helmets, flak jackets and firearms.

The IDF suspended the men afterward, pending an inquiry for needlessly exposing themselves to danger.

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