WIZO promotes women and children's right in the United Nations

"The WIZO UN delegation serves their role as Israel's ambassadors," World WIZO chairwoman Prof. Rivka Lazovsky says.

January 26, 2017 10:54

WIZO representatives in the U.N. with Prof. Rivka Lazovsky. Left to right: Dr. Hava Bugajer, president of WIZO Austria, Mirelle Manocherian, vice president of WIZO U.S., Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, chairwoman of world WIZO, and Anne Argi, honorary member of WIZO Switzerland.. (photo credit: SIVAN KFIR)

The world WIZO organization's conference was held in Israel this week, attended by dozens of the movement's representatives with the goal of putting together the organization's policy of supporting Israel and reporting its activities both at home and abroad.

A fascinating report was given by the organization's UN reps, who shared WIZO's work in promoting the rights of women and children and their struggle against  antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel.

As a non-governmental organization, WIZO has an advisory role to the UN's international organizations such as ECOSOC, the organization's social-economic council, and UNICEF, the UN's emergency children's fund. In addition, the WIZO representatives share in the management of the International Alliance of Women – the world's umbrella organization for various women's groups.

Through membership in these organizations, WIZO is actively supporting the struggle for equal rights for women and children.
Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, chairwoman of world WIZO, lauded the work of the UN delegation and said, "It's an activity of unparalleled importance. The WIZO UN delegation serves their role as Israel's ambassadors".

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