Runner up for president Sheetrit denies sexual harassment rumors

Hatnua MK reportedly paid 270,000 shekels to his housekeeper two years ago in exchange for her silence on harassment complaints.

Meir Sheetrit (photo credit: Miiam Alster)
Meir Sheetrit
(photo credit: Miiam Alster)
The Hatnua MK Meir Sheetrit rejected as false a Channel 10 report from Wednesday that he entered into an agreement wherein he paid his former housekeeper in exchange for her silence with regard to sexual harrassment complaints against him.
Sheetrit was the runner up in the presidential race on Tuesday losing to Reuven Rivlin by a margin of ten votes.
According to the Channel 10 report Sheetrit, who was the runner up in the presidential race on Tuesday, paid his housekeeper 270,000 shekels two years ago for her silence.
Sheetrit said on Wednesday that the agreement he reached with the housekeeper was over civil and financial matters and was dealt with by a senior labor law lawyer. Sheetrit said he would not breach the confidentiality clause of the agreement by divulging its details. 
The head of Hatnua Justice Minister Tzipi Lini said Wednesday that she spoke to Sheetrit after the story broke on Channel 10 and that he told her that he never sexually harrassed any woman. Livni's office stated that Sheetrit was prepared to fight to clear his name.
Sheetrit added that the Ministry of Justice reviewed the matter and found that the police had contacted the housekeeper concluding that there was no reason to open an investigation.
Another presidential candidate, Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer rescinded his presidential candidacy two days before the vote following a police investigation  that he wrongfully accepted funds.