meir sheetrit

Meir Sheetrit

Labor: Hatnua betrayed us in push to support Sheetrit

Former presidential candidate denies allegations he paid 270,000 shekels to his housekeeper for her silence on sexual harassment complaints.

Meir Sheetrit

Runner up for president Sheetrit denies sexual harassment rumors

Hatnua MK reportedly paid 270,000 shekels to his housekeeper two years ago in exchange for her silence on harassment complaints.

Reuven Rivlin at Western Wall after winning presidency.

Next president Rivlin declares: Long live Israel

The tension in the air in the Knesset was palpable as the result of the election remained unclear all day, but Rivlin, the "man of Jerusalem," was victorious.

Meir Sheetrit

Sheetrit calls for MKs to begin working in earnest

Yesh Atid lawmaker Hoffman supports shortening month-long Knesset Passover break, saying long break is inappropriate.

Tzipi Livni at the Old City, Jerusalem.

Tzipi Livni Party goes after undecided voters

Livni, Sheetrit issue final appeals to those on the fence as Election Day approaches.

An accountant [illustrative photo]

Politicians agree on taxes but debate which to raise

Officials in many of the largest parties concede taxes will have to rise after the election.

Meir Sheetrit

Sheetrit: Mofaz's failure to quit is 'pathetic'

Kadima MK slams vice premier for not pulling faction from gov't, saying PM has made clear won't passing universal service bill.

Meir Sheetrit

Sheetrit backs Mofaz, blames Livni for Kadima’s decline

“We have to give someone else a chance and make a change,” Kadima MK says at a press conference in the Knesset.

Protest by Peace now and Meretz on new libel law

Beefing up libel law

Time to chill the enthusiasm of media to print ‘juicy’ news without fact-checking.

Knesset vote [file]

The Knesset’s many former journalists bash libel bill

Coalition, opposition MKs who reported for TV, radio and print say new measure would undermine freedom of press.

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