Sheetrit tells 'JPost' he will return honor to presidency after dirty race

Presidential hopeful says he will focus on educational and social problems if elected president.

Meir Sheetrit (photo credit: Miiam Alster)
Meir Sheetrit
(photo credit: Miiam Alster)
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Hatnua MK Meir Sheetrit told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that if elected president in Tuesday's second round run-off vote he will do everything in his power to return respect to the office after a scandal-ridden race which he described as "a big sorrow."
" I've been in the Knesset since 1981 and was involved in the presidential elections a few times. It's never even come close to this situation which is just, in my opinion, hurting the honor of the presidency," Sheeetrit told the Post.
"I will do everything possible to rehabilitate the honor of the presidency and to make it much more honorable, much more connected to people," he added.
Sheetrit said that as president he would seek to highlight Israel's social and educational problems which he sees as the biggest threat to the state.
"I'm not afraid of the Arabs or our enemies, I believe that we have a very strong army and we can protect ourselves very well. I'm afraid of the internal problems.," he said.
Sheetrit received 31 votes in the first round of voting on Tuesday and was set to face Likud MK Reuven Rivlin in the second round.