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Joining Wittygraphy is free, and for your money you get an upload space, where you can display your latest creations.

April 16, 2009 12:07
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'Monetization" is big these days. The idea of taking your spare whatever - empty Web page spaces, e-mail backgrounds, Facebook profiles - and turning them into cash is irresistible during these turbulent times. Personally, I think we should demand to be paid when we wear a "brand name" T-shirt, jacket or other item of clothing that sports a corporate logo. Why are we giving these fat cats free advertising, anyway? But let's leave that aside, for now. I've discovered a great way for you to monetize another "dead space," enabling you to turn what would otherwise have been a big waste of time into cash. That's right - you can now actually earn money during the time you waste sitting on the bus or train, waiting for meetings or listening while some "expert" drones on during a presentation. What do most people do when faced with an otherwise boring situation? That's right - they doodle. After so many years of drawing caricatures (going back to your third-grade teacher and right up to your boss), you've probably gotten very good at it. Well, don't let your time - and talent - go to waste. Upload those doodles and caricatures to Wittygraphy ( Joining Wittygraphy is free, and for your money you get an upload space, where you can display your latest creations. Users of the site browse your caricatures, and if they are as enamored of your material as you are, they can place a bid and purchase your work. You pay Wittygraphy a commission ($2 plus 5% of the sale amount), and take home the rest. You can store as many caricatures as you want on the site (there's no space limit). And, if you're shopping for a different kind of gift, the Wittygraphy caricaturists are available to take your photos and turn them into works of art. But I discovered another great use for Wittygraphy; the site allows you to send any of the caricatures on it as e-cards to your friends, for free. Just pick a picture, add a message and address it to the recipient of your choice - and off it goes to their e-mailbox. Considering that most of the free e-card sites feature the same-old same-old, the caricatures from Wittygraphy may be just the thing you need to spice up your message.

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