All in the details

The Israel Museum’s new exhibition ‘Jerusalem in Detail’ celebrates the city’s architecture and the work of David Kroyanker.

October 26, 2017 19:39
Sandel House, 9 Emek Refaim Street, German Colony.

Sandel House, 9 Emek Refaim Street, German Colony.. (photo credit: ASSAF EVRON)

The old adage “God is in the details” takes on new meaning for David Kroyanker.

The 70-year-old Kroyanker, a native Jerusalemite, has been chronicling and documenting the city’s architecture for the past 50 years. Kroyanker’s life and career have been dedicated to the preservation and renovation of Jerusalem’s historic neighborhoods and buildings. In his approximately 30 books, Kroyanker documents the city’s architecture with incredible expertise and adoration. His last book was a four-volume set titled God is in the Details. The volume of some 1,350 pages, included 3,500 illustrations, photos and drawings and served as the source of influence for the Israel Museum’s new exhibition “Jerusalem in Detail.”


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