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Jerusalem’s Marrache Fine Art gallery reflects the country’s wide social and cultural stretch.

May 1, 2014 11:33
The Marrache Fine Art Gallery

The Marrache Fine Art Gallery. (photo credit: Courtesy)

A stone’s throw from the imposing culture and arts center that is the Jerusalem Theater nestles a cozy but richly appointed home of art and sculpture called the Marrache Fine Art gallery. It serves as a repository of an impressive array of works that reflect an eclectic take on the representation of life, spirituality and ethnicity in this part of the world.

Gallery owner Raphael Marrache is a “Spanish and Portuguese” Sephardi born in Gibraltar, who made aliya in 1996. Trained at Sotheby’s and a lifelong art collector, Marrache relates that he worked at a couple of galleries in Jerusalem before, “Having received my love of art from my late father, Samuel Marrache, I finally gave birth to the gallery in 2007,” he told In Jerusalem.


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