‘Secret’ art on show

The St. Louis French Hospital reveals flaking paintings of Crusaders.

May 22, 2014 15:09
3 minute read.

The St. Louis French Hospital and the French-built light rail.. (photo credit: GIL ZOHAR)

Jerusalem, a city of 1,000 secrets, revealed one of them last Wednesday, when for the first time ever the press was invited to view the frescoes of Crusaders at the 19th-century St. Louis French Hospital – the long-term care facility and hospice for terminally ill Jews, Christians and Muslims, located opposite the New Gate and closed to the general public.

The media tour, organized by Jerusalem district archeologist Amit Reem of the Antiquities Authority and hospital director Sister Monika Dullman of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, highlighted the frescoes painted by pious French aristocrat and Jerusalem benefactor Marie Paul Amédée de Piellat (1851-1925) – a figure who could be compared in importance in the Holy City during the early modern period to Sir Moses Montefiore, except that he was on the other side of the Hebrew Bible- New Testament divide.


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