Mentoring: A gift for Jerusalem area kids

Children who lack parental support and don’t have equivalent role models need someone else to fill the gap.

February 14, 2018 18:42
An Israeli family having dinner.

generic family dinner 311. (photo credit: Jonathan Bloom)

Children with poor social skills are especially vulnerable to being sexually abused. According to Sima Gordon, who runs a successful mentoring program at Jerusalem’s non-profit social service agency Kav L’Noar, abusers often target, “kids who don’t have social skills or who have some sort of isolation. They can easily spot the kind of kids who you’ll find alone.”

Miriam* was 11 years old when she joined the Kav L’Noar mentoring program. Despite the fact that she attended special education classes in Gush Etzion, she had a lot of unmet needs. Among the issues were her inadequate personal hygiene and lack of appropriate boundaries.


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