Klezmer festival: Holding the music

Chen-Razel’s musical forays to various synagogues led to a general change of tack.

August 17, 2017 18:15
Nitzan Chen-Razel: Round the musical block.

Nitzan Chen-Razel: Round the musical block.. (photo credit: JAN ARDASHNIKOV)

Klezmer music is one of the more emotive sonic genres around. A violinist or, for that matter, clarinet player from the discipline in question can transport his listeners right across the full gamut of emotional expression, from the depths of despair to euphoric joy in a twinkle of a bow, or blow, adding new textures and shades.

That certainly applies to Nitzan Chen-Razel, a violinist- vocalist who will strut his stuff at next week’s annual Klezmer Festival in Safed, which marks its 30th edition August 22 to 24.


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