Protected by the postnup: The halachic prenuptial is an important weapon

“The agreement has worked in 100% of the cases of which we know and has never even been brought to court.”

October 26, 2017 18:48
'Gett' movie

A still from the film 'Gett,’ which examines Jewish divorce laws. (photo credit: PR)

"Don’t worry, I’ll break his legs.’ That’s what my two-meter-tall then-rabbi told me when I suggested to him (on advice from my future mother-in-law) that I sign a halachic prenuptial agreement before my wedding. Reassured by his blasé manner, and knowing virtually nothing of the phenomenon of get (Jewish divorce) refusal, I quickly forgot about the prenup.

Nineteen years, an intense experience of personal advocacy for a relative who had been refused her get for more than a decade, and a great deal of knowledge about agunot (women whose husbands refuse or are unable to divorce them) later, I rectified this mistake when The International Young Israel Movement in Israel (IYIM) held its second postnuptial agreement signing in Jerusalem.


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