marriage in israel

High Court hints will approve family reunification law, but with criticism

Arab parties are among the most opposed to these laws coming into effect.

Israeli High Court to continue accepting Utah civil marriage by video for now

The High Court's decision is not the final one on the issue, but the Utah marriages will continue to be accepted until a final decision is made.

Israel has the 6th highest number of marriages worldwide

The highest ranking country outside of Europe is Israel in 6th place, with 5.3 marriages per 1,000. Israel ranks just ahead of the USA’s 5.1 marriages per 1,000.

Polygamy: Why is it illegal, what do religions think of it? - explainer

What is the point of polygamy and polyamory? Where are they legal? What does the Bible and other religions say about them? What are Israel's laws? Here's what you should know.


Jerusalem court recognizes couples in Zoom 'Utah weddings' to be registered as married

The Utah marriage is a wedding that is conducted in visual consultation with a marriage registrar in Utah and can also be conducted when both spouses are in Israel. 

Looking for your other half? Here's how to find a good relationship

We all want to fall in love, but it's hard. What stops us from getting there, and what are we doing wrong?

Divorce Illustration

Why did this couple divorce five days after getting married?

Husband allegedly hid thousands of shekels of stock losses from his wife, gave his parents their wedding money without asking her • he says she danced with her ex at their wedding


Tu Be'Av: Israelis married less and younger in 2020

6,746 couples including at least one partner who was registered with the Population Authority got married abroad in 2020.


How many Israelis want civil marriage as an option?

A vast majority of voters for the coalition parties want their politicians to push for civil marriage in Israel.


Tu Be'av: How this Israeli couple was matched together by a chatbot

An Israeli nonprofit called Algo designed this particular chatbot for the purpose of matchmaking on WhatsApp. 

By Leah Hakimian
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