Rising nationalism vs globalization and how it affects the Jews

The Jewish Policy Planning Institute will convene its annual conference next week to deliberate key issues and make policy recommendations.

February 23, 2017 16:10
Bible Lands Museum

JPPI co-chairman Stuart Eizenstat and JPPI co-chairman Dennis Ross. (photo credit: PR/THE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE)

In 1895, as he was crafting his vision for a Jewish state, Theodor Herzl wrote: “In my observations, I stared at the phenomenon of the crowd for a long time without understanding it.”

Next week, with a Jewish state a firm reality, some of the world’s leading Jewish thinkers will gather in Jerusalem to try to understand the effect of today’s “phenomenon of the crowd” on the Jewish world. Meeting for the annual conference of the Jewish Planning Policy Institute, they will analyze the impact of rising nationalism and globalization.


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