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Palestinians walk past the Dome of Rock at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, on J
Amnesty tries banning Jewish history

The possibility that Jews and Christians would visit holy sites, and want to see archaeological remnants of biblical locations for their religious and historical significance, is not entertained.

Knesset conference
Arab MKs and Palestinians jointly seek to censure Israel at U.N.

“Anyone who cooperates with the Palestinian Authority against Israel should ask themselves whether their rightful place is in the Palestinian or Israeli parliament,” Edelstein said.

A democratic nation state of the Jewish people

The new law does not erode a single right or protection of any minority. It actually reaffirms Israel’s commitment to minority groups.

Culture Minister Miri Regev cabinet meeting March 11, 2018
‘A milestone’ victory for Shabbat observant sports competitors

Shabbat Team says it has fielded dozens of complaints in recent years by religious sportsmen in different fields who have found it impossible to compete.

Protests against the nation-state bill in Tel Aviv, July 14th, 2018
Opposing segregation

Struggling against segregation is not just about one law. It is about the larger struggle for coexistence and having more contact between Israel’s numerous diverse communities.

A Kashrut certificate
Free Kashrut

In response to the ruling, Tzohar said it would take time to review the full decision but would “continue to work towards our goal to increase the number of kashrut observant consumers."

AN ISRAELI flag near the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem’s Old City.
Encountering Peace: In pursuit of equality— separate is not equal

The challenge to Israel’s democracy has been ongoing, with significant improvements as well as infringements of civil rights happening throughout its history.

A bloodied Israeli flag hangs on the main building at the University of Cape Town on Monday.
Know Comment: Hypocrisy and hysteria

The Jewish nation-state law is upright, reasonable and required. It should be passed by the Knesset.

Dov Lipman
We must combat extremism in Israeli politics

Israel has walked a very delicate line for the past 70 years – it is not easy finding the balance between being a Jewish state and a democratic state that provides equal rights for all its citizens.

PEOPLE WATCH the Israel Air Force Aerobatic team fly over the Mediterranean Sea during Independence
What miracle can be greater?

Fortunate are we and our children and grandchildren that we live at a time in history where with our own eyes we have seen the fulfillment of this great miracle.

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