Speaking up for Syria

Beit Hillel hosts an event to deepen Jewish dialogue on the humanitarian crisis

January 26, 2017 15:32
Beit Hillel

(Left to right) Rachelle Sprecher Fraenkel, Rabbi Yehuda Gilad, Dr. Ruth Calderon and Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein. (photo credit: BEIT HILLEL)

Anyone who goes online with moderate frequency has been inundated with horrific images of the crisis in Syria. Photographs and videos of crying, wounded children are particularly searing. However, moving from a state of passive sadness to active aid is often a protracted gap. For Jews, the issue becomes further complicated because Syria is not a friend to Israel.

On January 8, Beit Hillel hosted an event at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute to delve into this issue and raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis occurring so close to Israel’s North.


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