Rice denies US plans to attack Iran

"We are not planning an attack on Iran... what we're doing is responding to a number of Iranian policies in Iraq."

February 11, 2007 23:39
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US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice rejected conjecture Wednesday that the United States is laying the groundwork for an attack on Iran. "We are not planning...an attack on Iran," she stated when questioned on administration intentions at a US House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. She was challenged on the bolstering of the US military presence in the Middle East and administration charges of untoward Iranian influence and activity in Iraq. "What we're doing is responding to a number of Iranian policies in Iraq and around the world [that] are quite dangerous to our national security," Rice said. She also expressed doubt about a reported Iranian overture to resolve the nuclear issue and recognize Israel which the administration allegedly dismissed. "I would have noticed if the Iranians said they wanted to recognize Israel," she said, stressing that she could not recall seeing a document containing such a statement.

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