US lists two Israelis in narcotics trafficking scheme

Department of Treasury alleges Colombian based drug operation was led by a father and son with dual Israeli citizenship.

July 11, 2013 05:33
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Heroin 370. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

WASHINGTON – The US Department of the Treasury on Tuesday listed two Israelis, several Colombians and nearly two dozen companies as “specially designated narcotics traffickers” accused of participating in a scheme in which they laundered millions of dollars for drug kingpins.

The alleged operation was based in Bogota and was led by a Colombian, Guberek Ravinovicz, and his son Henry Guberek Grimberg, a dual Colombian-Israeli national.

They are accused of having handled the proceeds from the drug sales of numerous local narcotics organizations.

Under the Kingpin Act, the Treasury Department has effectively prohibited access by the accused to the US economy.

Thirty-one individuals and entities were listed in total.

“Guberek Ravinovicz and Guberek Grimberg primarily rely upon the use of ostensibly legitimate textile companies within Colombia to engage in trade-based money laundering,” the Treasury said in a statement. “Using bank accounts for these companies, as well as accounts belonging to a series of shell companies in Panama, Guberek Ravinovicz and Guberek Grimberg provide a means for traffickers to transfer narcotics proceeds back to Colombia from locations all over the world.”

In a chart provided by the Treasury Department, the US has identified TFMC Food Management, based in Rosh Ha’ayin, as an alleged conduit for the illicit activity.

“Drug traffickers’ only motive to enter the illegal drug trade is the money, and they will go to any length to hide and protect their proceeds,” said Mark R. Trouville, a special agent in charge from the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

“These bad actors often depend on international businesses to facilitate the illegal movement of their drug profits.

Whether you are a successful businessman or a secretary, if you assist drug traffickers you will face the same justice.”

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