Iran: Israel, US face heavy damage if they attack

Iranian Chief of Staff Fayrouz Abadi says that the Islamic Republic would attack Israel in a "surprising way", cause "heavy damages."

General Hassan Fayrouz Abadi 311 (R) (photo credit: Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters)
General Hassan Fayrouz Abadi 311 (R)
(photo credit: Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters)
Iran would cause serious damage to the United States and Israel should the latter launch an attack on the Islamic Republic, Iran's top military official said on Wednesday.
The "Zionist regime's military attack against Iran," Chairman of Iran's Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Hassan Fayrouz Abadi said, would lead to "heavy damages to the US as well as [to the] Zionist regime," Iranian news agency ISNA reported.
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Iran would attack Israel in a "surprising" way, he was quoted by Army Radio as saying.
Talk of a potential Israeli strike on Iran took a new turn Wednesday when four government ministers publicly slammed Israeli media for discussing the possibility of an IDF strike on the Islamic Republic.

Also on Wednesday, Israel announced the successful launch of a rocket propulsion system, which Israel Radio called a ballistic missile and cited foreign media reports in suggesting it could be fitted with a nuclear warhead.

Israel has for years warned of Iran's intentions to build a nuclear weapons program. Often repeating the mantra, all options are on the table, Israeli media in recent days has suggested that a military strike may be near.