Iran announces mass production of Shahed 129 drone

UAV can hit stationary, mobile targets up to 1,700 km away, and fly for 24 hours on a single fuel run, Iranian press reports.

September 27, 2013 17:26
Iranian long-range drone Karrar [file]

Iranian long-range drone Karrar 370. (photo credit: REUTERS/Vahidreza Alaii)

Iran announced on Friday it will start mass producing a new unmanned drone with missile and bombing capabilities, Iranian press reported.

According to Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Shahed 129 “can hit and destroy targets from a far distance with its Sadid [Iron- Strong] missiles.”

It can carry eight such Sadid missiles at the same time, and hit both stationary and mobile targets up to 1,700 km. away, according to reports on Iran’s Press TV.

The unmanned aerial vehicle can fly for 24 hours and is designed for both reconnaissance and combat missions, Jafari said in September 2012, when the drone was first unveiled.

The drone, Press TV reported, has monitoring capabilities of a 200-km. radius.

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