Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud

Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?

September 17, 2019 00:00
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Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud


Israel Elections 2019: Everything you need to know

  • Current MKs: 39 (includes four from Kulanu, which merged into Likud)
  • Poll position 29-32

Netanyahu has focused his campaign on separating himself from the rest of Israel’s politicians, as “a leader in another league,” who has an unprecedentedly good relationship with the leaders of the United States, Russia, India, Brazil and other countries around the world.

He has also emphasized his role as the world’s whistleblower on Iran and as the “protector of Israel” on the security front. He has put down Blue and White leader Benny Gantz as an inexperienced bumbler who cannot even run his own party.  
“Israel experienced the strongest decade under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s leadership,” a Likud campaign spokeswoman said. “Israel is becoming a super-power. Our diplomacy is the at its peak. Or economy is stronger than ever. The unemployment rate is at an unprecedented low. Netanyahu is a proven, global leader and will keep our borders safe, defend our interests in the global arena, and strengthen our economy.”

Netanyahu has vowed to build a right-wing coalition and not a unity government. But he later backtracked and said that once a coalition of 61 right-wing MKs is in place, he could invite other parties to join the government.

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