Israel Elections 2022

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Netanyahu won Israel's elections because of Lapid bloc's faults

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: The anti-Netanyahu bloc has three people to blame: Yair Lapid, Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli and Balad leader MK Sami Abou Shahadeh.

Will Israel's Netanyahu lead or be led by Ben-Gvir, coalition partners?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The question is whether Netanyahu will be able to keep his coalition partners – the Religious Zionist Party, Shas and UTJ – in order.


Is A-G Gali Baharav-Miara under threat by the incoming gov’t?

Baharav-Miara believes now that Netanyahu has secured his return to power, that he might return to a relative position of respecting the legal establishment.

Lapid concedes defeat, promises orderly transfer of power

Labor won only four seats in the new government with its sister party Meretz falling below the threshold.

3 things Ben-Gvir will attempt to promote as Israeli minister

So what does Itamar Ben-Gvir, the most colorful and controversial senior Israeli politician, plan to do if he actually joins a Benjamin Netanyahu-led coalition?


Netanyahu's Right won, but can he build a coalition with Ben-Gvir?

For Netanyahu, Shas and UTJ are dream coalition partners. The Religious Zionist Party, featuring Itamar Ben-Gvir, is an Israeli diplomatic nightmare.

Netanyahu assured with near-certain victory as almost 90% votes counted

On Wednesday night, Meretz was placed just below the threshold of 3.25%, and the Likud led with 32 seats.

Ex-Mossad, IDF sources warn against Ben-Gvir, Smotrich in top defense posts

Officials have loudly criticized the Shin Bet and the IDF in the past for cracking down on Jewish settler violence against the Palestinians.

Likud MK says Shaked's run to the end was coordinated with them

"We didn't promise her a position, but there was talk of forgiveness. She did the right thing," said Kish.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz and MK Yair Lapid

Lapid's campaign a 'resounding failure,' National Unity says

The blame game began after it became clear on Wednesday afternoon that Balad was not going to pass the electoral threshold, thus ensuring a victory for the Right bloc led by Netanyahu.

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