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Yamina head Naftali Bennett speaks after PM Benjamin Netanyahu is given mandate to form a government

Naftali Bennett: Ready to negotiate with Netanyahu

But hints he'll continue his own coalition talks in case PM fails


Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid meet on forming new gov't, talks to continue

The meeting comes as both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Lapid look to woo the Yamina leader in talks to form a government after the elections.

Blue and White denies it will back Netanyahu after Michaeli attack

Labor Party leader warns of signs that Benny Gantz is again "about to crown Bibi."


Less than half of Israelis support government enabled by Arab parties

Despite the results of the survey, the vast majority of Israelis (80%) believe that a fifth election will occur in the coming year.

Israel Elections: Coronavirus fails to jab Israeli voters

How the government handled the pandemic did not impact how Israelis voted.

Bennett and Netanyahu shake hands in Knesset

Netanyahu, Bennett discuss building coalition together

Netanyahu, Bennett discuss building coalition together. Smotrich rules out coalition with Ra'am that his party's MK-elect says would "castrate the Israeli ethos"

Joint List MK Mansour Abbas alongside Blue and White leader Benny Gantz on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Ra'am activists leave party WhatsApp group after Abbas speech

The speech, delivered mostly in Hebrew, was seen by many as an olive branch to Jewish Israelis.

Israel Elections: How parties can form a government to avoid 5th election

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Five former MKs and one soon-to-be share insights on how we can clean up the current political mess and move forward.

Kingmakers Bennett, Abbas leave both sides in the dark

Yamina leader to hold fateful meetings with Netanyahu, Lapid.

An empty Knesset Plenum

'Israel's enemies eyeing a country unable to get act together'

JPost One-on-One Weekly Zoomcast - Episode 13 with Herb Keinon and former ambassador Michael Oren.

Lapid and Bennett

Yair Lapid ready to let Naftali Bennett go first in rotation

Netanyahu to Yamina, New Hope leaders: Come home

Joint List MK Mansour Abbas alongside Blue and White leader Benny Gantz on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Arab parties have joined the political game: What are the benefits?

From not being willing to cooperate with Meretz in 2015, the Arab parties in 2021 will be able to determine who is this country's prime minister in 2021.


After Israel's elections, Arab parties at crossroads - analysis

Hadash loses hegemony among sector; Ra’am’s policies can bring about historic change


Netanyahu's post-election silence has the opposition imploding - analysis

Just as the prime minister’s decision to talk so much during the campaign was strategic, so too was his silence.


Rivlin urges unconventional alliances to enable formation of gov't

The Likud responded to Rivlin that "the president does not decide the results of the election and it is forbidden for him to be a political player."

Gantz: It doesn't matter who replaces Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu will speak to the nation on Wednesday night.


Israel Elections: 'Power of ultra-Orthodox parties will not be weakened'

JPost One-on-One Weekly Zoomcast - Episode 11 with Jeremy Sharon and Prof. Benjamin Brown

Bennett's perilous paths to the premiership - analysis

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has multiple possible paths to the premiership, all of which could easily fail.


Prominent religious-Zionist rabbi backs right-wing deal with Ra’am

“This is not a love story, it is more pragmatic, but there is behind it a potential for something bigger.”

Gantz urges Arab Islamist leader Abbas to help unseat Netanyahu

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz met with Ra'am (United Arab List) chariman Mansour Abbas on Tuesday urged him to support a representative of the "change camp" for the next government.


How can this circus end while respecting the voters' verdict?

Middle Israel: This can’t go on. If this country is dragged to an election every half year, the Jewish state might decompose.

Lapid, Likud meet kingmaker Abbas in effort to draft coalition

Benny Gantz does not endorse Yair Lapid in long-awaited meeting • Likud MK Ayoub Kara to 'Post': I am sure PM Benjamin Netanyahu will form next government

Lapid meets with Abbas for coalition talks

Abbas has become somewhat of an unlikely kingmaker since his party cleared the threshold to gain four Knesset seats, which could allow him to recommend either Netanyahu or his challenger, Lapid.

Anti-Netanyahu bloc parties continue talks for possible coalitions

"There are meetings and discussions between everyone who is committed to change."

Record number of women win in Israel’s elections, progress still elusive

Emily Schrader, research fellow at the Tel Aviv Institute and an Israeli political consultant, notes that this achievement is not so advanced when considering other factors.


‘I will be emissary of World Jewry in Knesset’ says first Reform rabbi MK

The MK-elect said he would concentrate on religion and state matters, and would hold egalitarian prayer services in the Knesset when possible.

Itamar Ben-Gvir can only hurt Israel’s standing in the world - analysis

Ben-Gvir is a former member of the Kach movement, designated as a terror group, and had a picture of Baruch Goldstein hanging in his living room.

Knesset Central Elections Committee Director Orly Adas counts ballots of voters in quarantine.

Lapid begins courting partners for anti-Netanyahu coalition

Smotrich's Arab veto leaves Netanyahu with no possible coalition.

WORKERS COUNT ballots of quarantined voters, at a tent in the Central Elections Committee warehouse

Seven ways Israel's 2021 election redrew the political map

Every election changes Israel’s political map and thus its future.

Gideon Sa’ar is the man who would have been king

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: When he left the Likud in December to form the New Hope Party from which he hoped to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, pollsters initially gave him 20 seats.

A split over Bibi, not impending ‘tribal war’

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The results will be interpreted as a reflection of a society broken down into rival religious, ethnic and cultural groups with little cementing them together.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid

Opposition to Netanyahu could overcome internal fights and bring him down

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: MKs present in the room said they felt energized by their common goal, and comfortable working together despite their differences.


Israel Elections: Smotrich rules out support from Islamist party Ra'am

He also accused the Israeli Left of “persecuting” Netanyahu and for being “willing to sell the State of Israel to those who identify with the worst of its enemies.”

Netanyahu's savior: Meet the Arab Islamist who can sway the election

Sources close to the prime minister said he would be open to parliamentary cooperation with Abbas but asked Likud MKs to stop talking about it.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu votes  in the September 2019 election.

What happens if 61 MKs oust Bibi? - analysis

Their goal would be either to encourage Likud to dump Netanyahu once he is disqualified from being premier or to make it easier to defeat the Likud in a fifth round of elections.

Netanyahu gained in election from high haredi, weak Arab turnout

Netanyahu owes thanks to Liberman and to his political strategist.


Netanyahu short for right-wing coalition, would need Arab support

Right-wing bloc led by Likud and joined by UTJ, Shas, Religious Zionist Party and Naftali Bennett's Yamina, receives 59.


Israel's election won't make Bennett PM, but he can be kingmaker

If Bennett negotiates well, he could receive the defense or health ministry or maybe both. It’s not PM, but it would be a win for him and his party.

The Smotrich phenomenon - how Religious Zionist Party got 194,000 votes

Independently none of these movements would have secured enough votes to enter the Knesset.

Israel Elections: What does Religious Zionist win mean for progressives?

The list's policies and statements on a number of issues could impact a variety of sectors in Israel, including women, Arab-Israelis, LGBTQ+ people and secular Israelis at large.


Palestinians say Israeli election results won’t change anything

“The results of the elections show that many Israelis support extremist parties that are very hostile to the Palestinians,” a Fatah official told The Jerusalem Post.

Could electoral reform get Israel out of its Groundhog Day loop? -analysis

Maybe Israel can break out of its endless electoral loop by reforming the system for the better.

Labor leader: Election results return party to the top

Michaeli said she hoped Labor would rise from seven seats to eight in the final results, following the counting of the double ballots.


Four elections in two years cost Israel $4.24 billion

Tuesday's election was held at a time when Israel looks to emerge from a pandemic that prompted three national lockdowns and wreaked havoc on numerous industries.


Likud MKs fight over potential cooperation with United Arab List

While some Likud members of Knesset see a potential in the Arab party Ra'am, that managed to reach the threshold, others cannot fathom such cooperation.

How will Netanyahu avoid, mitigate trial if he wins the election?

There are a variety of options at Netanyahu’s disposal.

Netanyahu calls rivals to join him, warns of fifth election if they don't

"We cannot be dragged to a fifth election," Netanyahu said. "I reach out my hand to all of my colleagues who agree with me. I do not reject anyone who agrees with these principles."

Did the COVID vaccines give Netanyahu a victory shot?

Pfizer’s vaccines saved Israel – and may have inadvertently rescued the prime minister as well.

Israel Elections: Sa’ar: I won’t sit in a Netanyahu led government

Sa’ar has insisted that he will not sit with Netanyahu, who will likely be given the first shot to form a government.

Israel Elections: Netanyahu’s frenzied campaigning pays dividends

“There are voters who saw this reality, and God willing Netanyahu will be able to form a government again.”

Israel Elections: Bezalel Smotrich defies expectations, wins 6-7 seats

"Let the votes prove that there is a majority for the Right in this country."

Israel Elections: Voting ends with low turnout reaching just over 67%

Voter turnout could have a big influence on which parties cross the electoral threshold.


Israel Elections: Gantz gets second chance, wins 7 or 8 seats

Gantz followed up by personally addressing the hit, saying "It's bull****. Every vote is important. it is critical to vote for Blue and White, so that we can pass the electoral threshold.

Israel Elections: Low turnout ‘disastrous’ for Arab parties

By 2:00 p.m., only 13% of eligible voters in the Arab sector had cast their ballots

The people spoke, again, but the overall message was garbled - analysis

The people spoke, again, but they mumbled and the overall message was garbled … again.


Israel Elections: Lapid's campaign of positivity seems to fail - analysis

The final election results remain to be seen, but all the exit polls show almost no chance of us seeing a prime minister Lapid anytime soon.

Haredi parties hold seats in exit polls

Shas leader Aryeh Deri and UTJ leader Ya'acov Litzman urge the ultra-Orthodox to vote against a perceived threat to Jewish character of the state.

Is Israel heading toward a fifth election? - analysis

Strategists in parties across the political spectrum admitted behind the scenes that with all due respect to the current race, they were actually already focusing on the next one.


Despite 'gevalt' campaign, exit polls give Meretz six seats

During campaign, party was predicted to not pass the threshold


Yisrael Beytenu stays steady in exit polls

United Torah Judaism MK Uri Maklev condemns Liberman’s comments, calling the Yisrael Beytenu leader ‘a racist and a tyrant.’

Israel Elections: Politicians, public figures, cast their ballots

Politicians and public figures across Israel began voting early Tuesday morning.

Israel Police preparing throughout the country for voter turnout, March 23, 2021.

Israel Elections: Voter fraud, police attacks, and prisoners

In Netanya, two incidents of identity fraud were reported by Israel Police. Three individuals were arrested for pretending to be polling officials.

Israel Elections: Bennett laments Netanyahu took his votes again

Bennett's associates complained that this time, Netanyahu persuaded Yamina's voters not to shift to his Likud Party but to the Religious Zionist Party.

Israel elections:time to vote.

Israel Elections: What do the voters have to say?

"I think that it will still be very difficult to form a government, but when one is eventually formed it will be more effective than before."

Rivlin calls voting for Knesset Holy of Holy of Israel's Democracy

Rivlin entreated the public to vote "for our children, grandchildren, future generations and for ourselves. Together we can achieve a victory for Israel's democracy."

Visitors at Mount Gerizim park on Election Day, March, 2021

How did Israelis spend Election Day vacation?

About 100,000 people toured national parks throughout Israel on Tuesday.

Israeli election amid the coronavirus pandemic 2021

‘Israel can teach the world how to organize COVID elections,’ voter says

Staff donned protective gear at Israel's polling places for verified coronavirus patients, wearing gowns, masks and face shields.

Israeli celebrities post holiday greetings on Instagram, September 20, 2017.

Not four nothing: Most Israeli celebs aren’t rocking the vote

While American celebrities try to energize young voters with a Rock-the-Vote campaign before elections, Israeli celebrities are posting and tweeting as usual about their careers.

David and Stephanie Kable at their polling place in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Israel Elections: Olim 'surprised how simple the voting process was'

You just pick out a slip of paper and put it into a little envelope instead of checking off boxes. It was really simple, just different than we expected."


Israel’s problems won’t disappear after the election - comment

No matter the result, the division that has been so rampant in recent months will not just go away.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with the first UAE Ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Mahmoud

Israel Elections: The future of Israeli-Gulf relations after Netanyahu

Whoever emerges from Israel’s elections will continue to foster relations with the Gulf.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is seen wearing a face mask during a meeting, in Tehran, Iran, July

Israel Elections: How is Iran's regime responding?

The overall picture of Iran’s disinterest in Israel’s elections is that Tehran has no real policy toward the Jewish state.

Campaign posters in Tel Aviv, leading up to the Knesset election.

What are the economic challenges facing Israel's next government?

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on some sectors, while several underlying issues, once covered up and ignored, have risen to the forefront.


Israel elections: Turkey used to hope Netanyahu would lose: now what?

Turkey still has fantasies of playing a great role in Palestinian affairs. It wants to advance Hamas in the West Bank and have a role in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attends a graduation ceremony for the 95th batch of

Will Netanyahu's meeting with Saudi Arabia’s MBS happen after elections?

The larger picture is that Israel and Saudi Arabia share concerns about Iran’s proxies and their threats, as well as their long-range missiles and drones.

How would a new PM impact the way Israel confronts Iran? - analysis

Netanyahu will openly press the Biden administration not to follow through on its commitment to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal.

Where did Israel's prime ministerial candidates go on election eve?

Netanyahu, Lapid, Sa'ar, Bennett, Gantz: Everyone prefers to handle the pre-elections stress differently. Take a look!

President Reuven Rivlin visits cleanup efforts at Herziliya beach after oil spill

Which Israeli party ranked most 'environment friendly' ahead of elections?

The Index found that the biggest improvement came from right-wing parties, with New Hope and Yamina putting together "impressive platforms" with no significant environmental activity beforehand."

Israelis go to vote yet again today in fourth election in two years

With criticism between candidates left and right and unclear rotation options for prime minister, who is going to win the Israeli elections in 2021?


Right thinks it holds all the cards - analysis

These were meant to be the elections of 'anyone but Bibi.' However, Prime Minister Netanyahu enters the elections with vaccines and peace agreements with four Arab countries.

Thinking the 4th elections will be different is insane, but what can we do? - analysis

Once the votes are cast and counted, the role of the public is done and control over our fate shifts back to the politicians we empowered on Election Day.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein seen during the vaccination of

Israel Elections: For or against Netanyahu, Israelis can’t quit him - analysis

Predicting with any certainty that Netanyahu is about to end up the loser is not wise.

Yair Lapid

Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Yair Lapid amid elections

The alleged would-be attacker was a Jerusalemite in his 30s who made comments online claiming that he would attack Lapid physically and bring him harm, even at the cost of his own imprisonment.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Knesset, as it disperses, sending Israel into elections in

Israel Elections: Whatever the outcome, Israel will manage - comment

Every election in this country, if you listen to the politicians and the pundits, is a “fateful election” that will have far-reaching and dramatic consequences for the country.


Tel Aviv Municipality lights up for elections: 'Go vote!'

The words "Go vote!" illuminated the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building on the eve of Israel's elections.

President Reuven Rivlin voting for the 23rd Knesset on Monday

Israel Elections: Rivlin to vote for the last time as president

In addition to this being Rivlin's last presidential vote, it will also be his last opportunity to appoint a member of Knesset to form the next government.

Netanyahu warns right-wing victory not in bag in settler campaign stop

Netanyahu warns right-wing victory not ‘in the bag’ in settler campaign stop

“Don’t stay at home as if it [voting] doesn’t matter,” Netanyahu said, adding that, “it does matter.”

Smotrich gets backing from Sephardi haredi rabbis

Support from ultra-Orthodox voters disappointed in UTJ and Shas could bring important electoral gains for the ultra-nationalist Religious Zionist Party.

Israel Elections: Gideon Sa'ar slams Naftali Bennett's anti-Yair Lapid vow

Lapid also said he was not concerned about Bennett's letter.


Israel Elections: Who are the candidates on the cusp?

The truth is that with the Israeli system, the voters are not choosing the front of the list but the very end.

Schools reopen after third national coronavirus lockdown, Feb. 11, 2020

98% of Israelis say education important, only 8% know party platforms

Some 72% of respondents stated that they're worried that children will not return to routine education in September.

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