Dining: A palette for the palate

At Segev Art Herzliya, each dish is a masterpiece.

January 5, 2017 18:28
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Segev Art Herzliya

Segev Art Herzliya. (photo credit: PR)

Segev Art Herzliya is a culinary experience like nothing I’d ever seen before. Everything was above and beyond what I expected: The food, or should I say the edible art, was superbly creative, unparalleled and tasted as good as it looked.

Segev Art is the gastronomic brainchild of Moshe Segev, one of Israel’s most celebrated chefs.

Segev wants to serve those who look at food through an artistic lens and not just for what it tastes like.

The restaurant is an intimate location, and its unadorned charm makes you feel right at home. We sat on the upper level, which gave us a nice overview of the restaurant and the open kitchen, where you can see the young chefs plating weird and wonderful dishes. The menu is divided into four categories: Earth, Meat, the Big Blue and Patisserie. From the moment the glass test tubes of aperitifs arrived, I knew I was in for an exceptional culinary experience.

We started with the spicy sprout salad (NIS 62). Served on a long plate sporting a half cover of Vogue, the salad came with chopsticks that were a lot of fun to use to pick up the matchstick radishes and kohlrabi. This was followed by the beetroot and Parmesan risotto (NIS 71), accompanied by New Zealand spinach and beet powder. The creamy and al-dente texture of this dish simply blew me away. The flavors were rich and fragrant without being overly oily or heavy.

Next up was the beef carpaccio (NIS 73). Served in a small metal pan, it was accompanied by a paintbrush adorned with a wonderful array of different colored dipping sauces, including a tangy mustard. Served under a layer of Parmesan, the beef was sliced super thin and seasoned to perfection.

This was followed by scorched tuna (NIS 83) on top of goat cheese and truffle baby ravioli served on large metallic spoons.

Pan-seared to perfection, the tuna simply melted in the mouth. The mixture of tastes and textures of the tuna, goat cheese and truffle ravioli was sheer bliss. The essence of this dish was very complex, and the flavors blended together like magic. I would go back to eat that again in a heartbeat.

We were then presented with grilled shoulder of lamb (NIS 99) accompanied by roasted cherry tomatoes. The lamb was melt-inthe- mouth tender. What really made this dish, though, was the blueberry sauce that brought out the flavor of the lamb shoulder.

However, the side of mashed potato was swimming in a peculiar tasting gravy.

The desserts were my favorite part of the meal. Aside from their technical beauty, the flavors were all spot-on. We tried the chocolate pudding presented as a clock and an array of mini cheesecakes designed like paints on a palette.

The flavors included chocolate, passion fruit, raspberry and yogurt.

What more can I say? You go to Segev for a remarkable experience: food that is creative, whimsical and delicious. Hopefully, I will get the chance to return. Just not too soon because I need time to recover from this severe separation anxiety I’m experiencing now with “normal” food.

The writer was a guest of the restaurant.

Segev Art
Not kosher
16 Hachoshlim St., Herzliya
Tel: (09) 958-0410

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