Gal Gadot takes kids for typical Israeli beach-day outing

The "Wonder Woman" star will soon be starring in her latest role in a Showtime series about the Austrian-born Hedy Lamarr

August 11, 2019 13:31
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Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot . (photo credit: REUTERS)

As the dog days of August descend upon Israel and the long school vacation continues, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot needs to keep her kids busy just like the rest of us, and took her daughters Alma and Maya out to the Tel Baruch beach on Thursday.

There, they donned bathing suits, took a dip and met up with one of Gadot's closest friends, model and television presenter Yael Goldman and her daughter, all documented in photos published on the Pnai Plus website.

When it was time for lunch, they headed to the beachfront restaurant, Blue.

Just like any other bunch of Israeli moms and daughters – except that Gadot's daughter, Alma, recently voiced one of the hatchlings in the just-released movie, Angry Birds 2, alongside Nicole Kidman's daughter, while Goldman's daughter dubbed one of the voices for the Israeli version of the film.

Gadot, who wore a grey T-shirt and denim shorts over a striped one-piece suit, will soon be starring in her latest role in a Showtime series about the Austrian-born Hedy Lamarr, the glamorous Hollywood bombshell who found time to invent an encryption system that was used to prevent the Nazis from intercepting Allied transmissions during World War II and is used today in WiFi.

Apparently, Gadot's preparations for the role didn't teach her how to encrypt her communications and keep the paparazzi from discovering the location of her beach day, but the presence of photographers didn't seem to put a damper on the fun for anyone in the group.

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