Hanukka happenings

December 7, 2017 20:55
Capture the candles at Kol HaOt

Capture the candles at Kol HaOt. (photo credit: HEDDY ABRAMOWITZ)

Hanukka is a great time to spend in Jerusalem. As the sun goes down, the lights of the candles can be seen in every alleyway and across the city. It is our family tradition to go on a hanukkia walk in the Nahlaot, but it can be fun in all of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods and the surrounding area. Here are some of my favorite events.

Pirates for Muli
A Hanukka family happening at the Hanger at the First Station in memory of Muli, a little boy who loved pirates and died of cancer three years ago. Live shows, music, games and lots of fun. This event is run by Muli’s family and a team of volunteers. There will also be an opportunity to donate blood with MDA.


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