Hodesh Sivan: The power of life and death in our tongues

Horoscopes for Sivan 5779.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Hodesh Sivan (June 4 – July 3) is associated with the constellation of Gemini (the Twins-Teomim). Tradition tells us that it was during Sivan that the Children of Israel received the Torah on Mount Sinai: the ultimate Divine data-download symbolized by swift Mercury (Kochav), the planet of communication.
Sivan is all about gathering and disseminating information and interfacing with the immediate environment as indicated by Sivan’s tribal ruler, Zevulun, whose flag was decorated with ships, symbolizing his journeys along the coasts of the Mediterranean, seeking new horizons and new opportunities.
This month the journey is toward upgrading our relationship to the concept of security, both personal and public. What makes you feel safe: structures or relationships? Institutions or family? Old fears compete with new alliances when Saturn, South Node with Pluto in practical, serious Capricorn opposes the Mars / North Node / Mercury conjunction in emotional, sentimental Cancer on June 13. “Trust but verify” now, as information is more likely than ever to be biased.
The second in a rare series of three exact squares this year made by Jupiter in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces occurs June 16. Stretching the boundaries of dreams and testing the borders of perception, we must guard against extreme distortion of ideals and zealous fanaticism. Facts must actively fight against fear-fueled fantasy now.
June 17’s Full Moon in truth-telling Sagittarius inspires frankness. Proverbs 18:21 tells us “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” The summer solstice (Tekufat Tamuz) and the Sun’s ingress into Cancer June 21 immediately following Neptune’s retrograde gives us a moment to evaluate whether what we’ve spoken has been life-affirming or destructive. May we be wise with our words and careful guardians of our hearts during Sivan!
The sifting of personal priorities and long-term goals continues as ruling planet Mars (Ma’adim) in Cancer challenges your patience and tests your commitment. Matters of power and control come to the forefront June 18-19 when Mars conjunct Mercury opposes Saturn and Pluto. Carefully avoid the urge to blow everything you’ve built sky-high with rash and angry words during this time. The Last Quarter Moon in Aries June 25 brings a surprising synthesis of energies and fresh ideas around goals you set in early January. Accepting personal responsibility for both success and failure calibrates your trajectory towards actualizing your dreams.
Ruling planet Venus (Noga) in Mercury-ruled Gemini after June 8 undergirds diplomatic communications and sweetens interactions within your immediate environment, especially in areas of your life involving finance. State your case eloquently and with persuasive charm and a well-researched value proposition, whether you’re asking for a raise, a loan, or a partnership agreement. Venus’s opposition to Jupiter June 23 may gently open hearts to the opportunities you’re presenting, and generously open doors to shared resources. June 27-28 reveals surprising alliances and offers of support from unexpected sources. You’ll work in harmony with unusual “others” to achieve shared goals.
Curiosity is sparked by New Moon in Gemini June 3. The Sun and Venus in your home sign supply you with grace in the eyes of others, giving you an advantage over competitors. Ruling planet Mercury (Kochav) moves through emotional, family-oriented Cancer June 4-26. You’re surprisingly empowered to speak the magic words around June 7, opening doors to greater intimacy and trust. Mercury’s conjunction with Mars and the North Node in opposition to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node June 16-19 powerfully polarizes priorities around issues of security. Trust your instincts: Relationships and information are your preferred safety net.
It’s “Game of Thrones” month for you as Mars and Mercury conjunct the North Node in Cancer oppose Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn June 16-20. These compete for rulership of your concepts of security, control and personal power. Information gained during now will become important by the beginning of August. Releasing what no longer serves your purpose is the only way to make way for what’s new. The Sun enters Cancer on Tekufat Tamuz, the summer solstice June 21, soothing anxieties and creating a safe space to envision the game’s next step. You’re playing to win!
Your natural magnanimous, generous nature shines June 6-8. The Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces June 16-17, illuminating opportunities for you to both make wishes and grant favors. Your ruler the Sun crosses the summer solstice at Tekufat Tamuz June 21 with Neptune’s retrograde: You’re steering by intuition through clouds of old dreams looking for new meanings. Your unconscious/subconscious mind is highly accessible now, truths embedded within are ripe and ready to emerge. Follow your gut intuition around creative projects: your inner muse knows the way to wrest beauty from struggle and even pain.
The First Quarter Moon in Virgo June 9 coincides with the festival of Shavuot, infusing Virgo with emotional wisdom and the ability to discern where a well-spoken word may achieve maximum results. Ruling planet Mercury (Kochav) in sensitive Cancer June 4-25 harmonizes with your discerning soul: you’ll be exponentially more diplomatic and careful around communication until Mercury enters Leo June 26; after which you may feel roaring is a more effective strategy than walking on eggshells. Integrity speaks for itself, louder than words. Respect is your end game. Seeds sown this month begin to bloom mid-August.

Ruling planet Venus (Noga) in Gemini from June 8 widens the field of creative choices. Go for what twinkles brightest June 10-11. Something really big is brewing when Venus, the planet of beauty, the arts and relationships opposes Jupiter (Tzedek) in independent, freedom-loving Sagittarius on June 23. Renegotiate previous commitments to maximize rare opportunities. Your famous diplomatic skills are in demand! While you’re feeling tremendous internal pressure to evolve, much of the important growth work you’re doing takes place within. The fruits of your development germinate best in private, but oh what a glorious and public bloom to come!
Conditions that are stressing others work to your advantage now. Your ability to keep your cool while those around you lose theirs does not go unnoticed by influential people who are able to help you. Access to resources opens wider to you around June 13-14 as classical planetary ruler Mars (Ma’adim) in money-wise Cancer conjunct the North Node opposite modern ruler power-player Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in practical Capricorn support stability and broadcast trustworthiness. Don’t be surprised if you receive the combination to the company safe or keys to the private club as a reward of appreciation.
The square of planetary ruler Jupiter (Tzedek), retrograde in Sagittarius to Neptune (Rahav) in Pisces June 16 followed by the Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17 is a stress test for your dreams. You’re not the biggest fan of patient perseverance, yet that’s exactly what you need right now. Jupiter opposite Venus (Noga) in Gemini June 23 invites you to imagine the most dramatically different and outrageously original reboot of your current life. Ponder previously prohibited possibilities. Dare to bite the apple! Integrate both the delicious and nutritious into the life you’re well on the way to building now.

Mars (Ma’adim) in Cancer and the North Node opposite your ruling planet Saturn (Shabbtai) June 13-14 triggers an intensely introspective and deeply personal review of the foundational ideas and priorities around your basic needs. What are your non-negotiable priorities? What can’t you live without? What are you willing to jettison to lighten the load enough to make it across the raging ocean of life? Don’t go lone wolf during the mini eclipse of Saturn June 19: resist the urge to isolate. Remember you are valued. Your closest friends may need your practical wisdom now even more than you know.
You’re in a good position to make concrete those creative plans you’ve been brewing. Communicative Mercury (Kochav) sextiles modern ruler Uranus (Oron) June 7 opening doors with magic words that now come easy. Venus (Noga) in your house of love and creativity after June bestows bright blessings. You can ask for what you need now, hands and hearts are open to give with grace. Gather support from friends and neighbors during the Sagittarius Full Moon June 17; it’ll be your time to pay back some of what you’re receiving now later this summer. Watch bold words after June 26.
Classical ruler Jupiter (Tzedek) and modern ruler Neptune (Rahav) make their square June 16. You’ve been through this before around January 13, and you’ll go through it again September 23. This square causes confusion because it shakes up delusion. It’s better to look reality in the face than be forced out of denial. Serious Saturn (Shabbtai) sextiles dreamy Neptune, insisting on counting the costs and creating accountability. Saturn may seem like a buzzkill now, but you’ll thank him later for stripping distortions off your dreams. What survives has been sifted and vetted and has a remarkable chance of success.
Author and multi-media communicator Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com.

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