Scenes from lives of Russian-Jewish immigrants star at Israel Museum

Ukrainian born painter Zoya Cherkassky will present a series of works from the last eight years under the title of “Pravda.”

December 10, 2017 10:41
Scenes from lives of Russian-Jewish immigrants star at Israel Museum

Paintings from the lives of Russian-Jews in Israel . (photo credit: Courtesy)

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, that is currently hosting a large exhibition by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, will present a new series of paintings by Zoya Cherkassky titled “Pravda” during the upcoming month of January.

Born in the Ukraine, Cherkassky focuses with these new paintings on the experience of immigration from Russian speaking culture to a Hebrew speaking one.

Showcasing the world of Russian speakers who chose to come to Israel in one of the largest immigration waves since the state was founded. Roughly one million people from what was known as the USSR arrived in Israel by the year 2000 and the flow of people from Ukraine and Russia is still ongoing.

The name of the exhibition is a tong-in-cheek reference to the Soviet newspaper of the same name [Truth in Russian] that claimed to present the truth but in reality wrote up a highly idealized version of what Soviet life actually were.

The paintings, of course, attempt to depict the real Pravda by using humor and symbolical scenes.

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