Educational game designed to entertain children in synagogue

Small wooden Purim graggers, replica matza, and other familiar Jewish items are ingeniously fitted into the Ezrat Yeladim game, making both kids and parents happy.

Ezrat Yeladim game (photo credit: screenshot)
Ezrat Yeladim game
(photo credit: screenshot)
A new educational game designed in Israel aims to keep children both quiet and involved in the synagogue. Ezrat Yeladim, designed by Avi Pashnov of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem is a 3D game with with puzzle pieces shaped like items of Judaica. The table-top game can function as a piece of art and as a Shabbat-friendly way for young kids to play quietly during services. 
Compartments can be slid out to reveal items that can be fitted together to make a menorah, star of David or other Jewish symbols and objects. The large table-top style device is designed to be places in a synagogue lobby and spark the curiosity of kids.
Bezalel Academy - Judaica Game
Bezalel was established in 1906 in Jerusalem and continues to teach college students  Fine Arts, industrial design, architecture and a variety of other subjects.

Pashnov is an award-winning artist and assistant teacher in the Judaica Department. He has also designed unique kiddish cups and other Judaica items.