Granddaughter returns to Kibbutz 50 years after family built clinic

Bessie Diamond funded the Ein Gev kibbutz clinic back in 1969,. Now her granddaughter returns to plant a tree in front of the still-active facility.

April 8, 2019 11:58
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Granddaughter returns to Kibbutz 50 years after family built clinic

Fredi Diamond as a 12-year-old visiting Kibbutz Ein Gev with her grandmother in 1969 (above) and in 2019 with her husband (below) in front of the clinic her grandmother funded. (photo credit: ARIEL TZUR)

Fredi Diamond was just 12 years old when her grandmother donated the funds to build the Ein Gev clinic. She returned 50 years later to see the building that has treated local patients for a generation and met with current residents. 

Bessie Diamond of Canada donated the funds to build what was called the Joseph J. and Bessie Diamond Hospital in the northern Israeli community and attended a festive inauguration ceremony with members of her family in 1969.

Ein Gev was then an isolated kibbutz on the banks of the eastern Kinneret and had a history of being shelled from the Golan Heights, which just two years before was in Syrian territory. Bessie Diamond, through the Keren Hayesod Fundraising Fund in Canada, funded the creation of four patient rooms and a nurse's room.

Fast forward 50 years and Fredi, surrounded by her husband Paul and contemporary kibbutz members, planted a tree near the clinic. 

Eran David, director of the northern district of UIA Canada, joined the couple and commented on how the generosity of the Canadian-Jewish grandmother continues to help the kibbutz."It's very impressive to see after so many years," he said in a statement, noting that the building is still in use for the medical needs of the community.

"The meeting was very moving. Much respect to Kibbutz Ein Gev for preserving the property," he stated.

Today the kibbutz is home to over 600 people and still operates as an agricultural community producing bananas and dairy products. It is known for its annual music festival held during the week of Passover.

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