Updated list of carcinogens released by Health Ministry

The new list includes exposure to electromagnetic radiation as a possible cause of cancer.

September 28, 2014 17:09
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The Health Ministry has issued a list of carcinogens, updating its previous version from 2010. The list is based on recommendations by the World Health Organization and a ministry committee headed by Dr. Yehudit Shaham, along with Dr. Eli Stern.

The new list, located on the ministry’s site at www.

health.gov.il/Services/Committee/ malignancy_substance/ Pages/default.aspx, includes exposure to electromagnetic radiation as a possible cause of cancer. The list is divided into groups of certain carcinogens and possible causes of cancer.

Another certain cause of cancer is particulate matter, i.e. polluted air.

When the factor is not a certain cause, the public is advised to be careful and reduce contact with it as much as possible.

Some substances on the list are part of a group of teratogenic materials that can cause birth defects in fetuses.

The substances are also filed according to those to which employees are exposed at the workplace, especially industry, and others in the general environment.

Different offices, including the Environmental Protection and the Economy ministry, are in charge of enforcing the laws on carcinogen exposure.

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