Jane Bordeaux Hebrew-country band releases ‘Oceans’

The Tel-Aviv based band will perform at the Gesher theater in September with special guest-star Danny Sanderson.

August 25, 2019 17:21
Jane Bordeaux Hebrew-country band releases ‘Oceans’

The Jane Bordeaux music band . (photo credit: ORIT PNINI)

Israeli Hebrew-country band Jane Bordeaux releases its third album, ‘Oceans,’ and will celebrate with a special concert at the Gesher theater alongside guest-star Danny Sanderson on September 10. 

Jane Bordeaux includes the lead singer-songwriter Doron Talmon and fellow musicians Mati Gilad, Yoav Erbal and Gil Landau. The name of the band is composed of the names of the horses Talmon keeps.

In 2014 the band released its first album, ‘Jane Bordeaux,’ and in 2017 ‘What Matters.’ The song ‘It’s impossible not to fall in-love with you’ became a hit on radio. The band went on to become one of the most popular in Indy music.

Danny Sanderson is a well-established musician and song-writer famous in Israel for his long-lasting contribution to rock music by shaping the sound of such iconic bands as ‘Kaveret’ and ‘Doda’ and the author of much loved songs like ‘An aging child’ and ‘Here the dog is buried.’

Jane Bordeaux featuring special guest star Danny Sanderson at the Gesher Theater September 10. Yerushalaim Blvd Tel-Aviv

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