Netanyahu steps up to save animals' lives

"We see animal rights as an important cause and we will continue to put an emphasis on it,” wrote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

July 10, 2019 12:43
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his dog, Kaiya.. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)

Thanks to efforts by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, the Minister of Agriculture and Head of Veterinarian Services Uri Ariel approved the export of 16 cats and dogs to Canada. The animals were saved from an impending lethal injection.

The PM tweeted on Wednesday morning that he was glad he was able to be a part of saving the lives of the animals.

“Thank you so much to everyone who helped us move this forward over the past year,” he wrote, “especially the Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel. We see animal rights as an important cause and we will continue to put an emphasis on it.” These animals were part of a large group of dogs and cats that were being abused in a northern Israeli animal shelter called Girgurim. After the group, consisting of 120 dogs and 100 cats, was rescued from the shelter by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, it was discovered that most of the animals had a deadly, contagious disease called Leishmania. Because the disease, which is spread by sand flies, could also infect humans, the state wished to put all the animals to sleep. However, after being tested twice by the Agricultural Department, 16 of the animals were discovered to be clean of the disease.

For more than a month, the dogs and cats’ fate has been in limbo, despite the fact that Canada, who's environment has no sand flies that carry the disease, has been willing to accept the 16 animals.

The approval has finally come for the animals’ transfer. Among the most excited is Tal Gilboa, Netanyahu’s advisor on animal rights issues, who tweeted that she had witnessed the “tireless” efforts of the PM and others to achieve the goal of saving these animals.

In early June, Netanyahu appointed Gilboa, a known vegan activist and founder of the animal-rights organization Israeli Animal Liberation Front (now known as Total Liberation), as his advisor on animal rights. In a statement sent to Plant Based News, he cited her appointment as an important step, since animal rights “is a subject that has gradually become more and more dear to my heart.”

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